Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Can We Count on McCain?

Submitted by Mayor Frank Gilbert of Tull.

Pro-life, anti-war candidates are not easy to come by. Congressman Ron Paul was the only one as far as I could tell.

Since Paul is not going to be on the ballot this November the search for second-best is on. Obama and Clinton are anti-war to varying degrees. McCain is pro-life. That’s a wash. With one caveat.

Clinton is anti-war only when the Republicans are in charge. When she, her husband or, I imagine, other Democrats are in charge, her commitment to non-intervention is a lot less firm.

For that reason I’m only going to consider Obama and McCain.

To my mind Obama is a socialist in that he favors direct government intervention in large portions of the economy and in our personal lives. McCain is a fascist in that he favors cooperative interference in those areas between corporate and government interests.

If you see either candidate as much better because of economics please contact me at and help me out of the dilemma I find myself in.

A lot of the positive feeling I have for the ‘straight talk express’ is diminished by his waffling on issues of significance and because of his bull-headed insistence on his absolute right (through congress) to abrogate the First Amendment in any way that suits him and his cronies.

McCain’s positions on immigration and taxes were firm- until he began competing for Republican support on a national scale. His retreat from those positions may be cynical. Or it may be pragmatic. Either way, I wouldn’t stake the future of the country on his conversion. If you are absolutely certain of his current and continuing commitment to those positions, please give me holler at I have some ocean-front property here in Grant County that I would love to offer you at a deep discount. You won’t even have to trouble yourself to look at the property. You can trust me and ‘straight talking John.’

That only leaves the matter of federal judges and McCain’s obvious advantage over Obama for those who are pro-life.

I’m sure he would never pragmatically shift his position and nominate another moderate in order to form a ‘bi-partisan’ compromise with the likes of Kennedy or Feingold. Never. Never Ever. Do you think?

The only thing I am certain of with the (presumptive) Republican nominee is that he is committed to the use of American military might (read, young Americans serving their country) to impose our will around the globe and shape the political topography of the entire globe in our image. Like his contempt of the First Amendment of the Constitution, his interventionist ideal remains consistent and unremitting. We can count on John McCain for that.


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