Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First Baby-Boomer to Get Social Security

Kathleen was born one second after midnight on Jan. 1, 1946. That makes her the first official "baby boomer", and yesterday she received her first Social Security check at the age of 62

The baby boom was a period of about 15 years after the second world war when a prosperous United States had an unusually high birth rate. Between 1961 and 1964 the birthrate tapered off. Fifteen years later, the specter of abortion loomed large over the United States, substantially lowering our birthrate by killing over 44 million Americans- an amount equal to completely liquidating the entire population of the seventeen states shown in red above. Katleen was 27 years old when Roe v. Wade was first imposed on the United States by an activist Supreme Court.

I don't know the politics of this one individual person, and I am not singling her out for criticism. For all I know she has fought as hard or harder for the unborn as I have. But I do know that, as a whole, the baby boomer generation did nothing to stop the holocaust of the unborn in their country. They kept voting for politicians who would keep the immoral legal, or at least give only lip-service to ending it.

Over the next two decades, nearly 80 million baby boomers will become eligible for Social Security. The FAUX news article points out that the Social Security trust fund is projected to deplete its reserves in 2041 and will begin paying out more in benefits that it collects in payroll taxes in 2017". What they don't tell you is that there are no reserves. They have been spent by the same lying politicians that kept abortion legal and there is nothing in the "reserves" but a pile of I.O.U.s. These can only be replenished by increasing taxes on those younger citizens that the baby boomers did not abort.

Women live to about 85 years old in this country. If Katleen was like most college graduates, she did not begin full-time work in earnest until about age 20. She is now retiring at 62 and expects benefits to continue throughout her life. That means that she spent 42 years self-supporting and is projected to spend 43 years living off of the earnings of others. For the first twenty, it was the earnings of her parents out of their own free will. For the last 23 it will off the earnings of strangers against their will. This is a politically explosive situation.

The baby boom generation has frightfully abused following generations. Those they did not abort, they loaded with inconceivable levels of public debt. They began the move away from home parenting and placed infants and toddlers into day care. The "sexual revolution" destroyed stable families so vital to a sound and loving upbringing. The boomers were born into the greatest civilization in the history of mankind. They turned their backs on God and as a result hand down a coarse and decaying culture to their descendants.

I don't want to throw any old people out into the street. I don't want to cheat anyone who paid into the system- the government is the one doing that by saying one's contributions are not theirs, but the state's and by inflating away the value of retirement dollars. I don't want to do any of those things, but nor do I want to load the survivors of the next generation with a crushing burden. A burden made at least 30% more crushing by the loss of so many of their number to abortion. If the boomers had insisted that those children be protected, they would have more workers to ensure their security today. As it is, I fear the harvest that will be reaped from the sown seed of innocent bloodshed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spot on old chap!

2:46 PM, February 13, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can finally sleep peacefully at night, knowing that our congress is getting to the bottom of whether Roger Clemens injected steroids or not.

Bread and circuses, my friends. Bread and circuses.

7:12 PM, February 13, 2008  

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