Thursday, April 17, 2008

32 Illegal Aliens Arrested in Meth Bust in Batesville, Arkansas

(I am sure these are just hardworking people wanting to make a living for their family)

Following are excerpt from two articles; Links given below the excerpts.

"Sixty-five suspected drug dealers are off Central Arkansas streets tonight. Half of them were in the country illegally. Thursday, federal drug agents announced a major meth lab bust out of Batesville. It took almost three years to catch the suspected ring leaders and their counterparts."

"32 of the 52 suspects arrested are illegal immigrants."

"This is the largest seizure I've ever seen," says William Bryant with the Drug Enforcement Administration."

"To put into perspective how major this is. The average street rate for one gram of meth ice is about $244. In this bust, agents seized over 100 pounds of meth ice. That's equal to 11 million dollars in drug money." - Fox news THV News


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