Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Benton County Sheriff, Collector, Coroner

The Sheriff's race in Benton County is another one that is hotly contested. Keith Ferguson is running for re-election against former longtime Sheriff Andy Lee. Public Information Officer Kenny Cradduk is also in the race. There are some rumblings that his position does not give him enough "street cred" with the beat cops, but I don't have anything definitive. In the same way, I hear even more vague complaints about Andy Lee and what went on when he was Sheriff. A co-worker told me that Lee was "controversial", but had no details on the controversy. Add to it that I might count a willingness to court controversy a plus rather than a minus. The best Sheriff in America might be that guy in Arizona who has a tent city and stirs up so much controversy. He is said to have the toughest jail in America. Lee is said to have had the second toughest when he was Sheriff. Guys would serve 90 days and lose 20 pounds.

The current occupant of the office, Keith Ferguson, seems to be doing a fine job. I really don't have a recommendation in this race. I have been advised by friends to vote both ways. I am hoping that you bloggers can help out here.

On County Collector we are leaning to Gloria Spring Peterson. She has an excellent resume, pleasant demeanor, and is campaigning hard for the job. I don't know anything about her ideology and am not sure it matters much in this race. We need someone who is honest, competent, and hard-working. The word is that people in the Collector's office like Peterson. I am open to input for her opponent, Tracy Sewell.

For Coroner Oxford looks strong. We had a Coroner relived of duty recently. Oxford was apparently performing most of her duties anyway. He might have gotten appointed to finish her term, but that would have made him ineligible to succeed himself under state law. So he continued as an assistant and is now running for the job.


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Good for him - hopefully a responsible and reliable individual.

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