Monday, October 06, 2008

More Bird-Brained Evolution Ideas

Yet another example of how evolutionary blinders won't let scientists see what the evidence is telling them. Here they discuss how dinosaurs (even flying dinosaurs that look much like birds) develop their wings from different "fingers" than modern birds. To me that is evidence that modern birds did not evolve from dinosaurs, but this conclusion does not seem to be permitted in today's closed environment.

The speculate that some sort of gene-shifting occurred which changed how the embryo's developed in the ancestors of modern birds. The irrelevant "support" they give for this idea is that certain mutations can cause a leg to grow where an antenna should be on a fruit fly. How this helps the fly out-compete regular fruit flies is not addressed, and the idea that such a mutation could spontaneously produce a better flight wing in the ancestors of modern birds is likewise avoided.


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