Monday, October 06, 2008

Notes from All Over

It's hardly news, but Brummett is wrong again on his analysis of the threat of full-fledged casinos. Naturally he down-plays any suggestion that the lottery amendment would result in casinos. Why, in order for that to happen the legislature wold have to approve it and a judge would have to say what they approved is OK! Apparently, Brummett does not quite have the imagination to see something like that happening. I must be a bit more jaded than the "award winning journalist".

Finally he says that even if those events could somehow happen, all the net profits from the casinos would just go to higher education! He might be amazed at what can pass for "expenses" under a scenario like that. I would direct your attention to the United Way scandal, and all the other instances where folks who administrate "non-profit" programs do very well for themselves. Add to it the advertising for the race-tracks and food and everything else would be paid for by the "non-profit" casino money. Brummett's assurances about "state audits" displays a touching faith in the intelligence, determination, and integrity of the various political institutions in our state.


The little-reported challenge to Obama's qualification for the Presidency is about to be ruled on by a judge. Why doesn't Obama just produce the full birth certificate and put an end to these stories that he was born in Kenya and that he never renounced his later Indonesian citizenship to become a U.S. citizen?

The judge may throw the whole thing out tomorrow, but what happens if Obama is declared ineligible? Who do those electors vote for? Biden?


Turns out state revenues are higher than Governor Beebe predicted. Interesting roller-coaster on this one. Beebe pushed a huge severance tax increase seven months ago in a special session. Critics (including me) wailed about his keeping all of the money for government and ignoring tax-cuts at a time when Arkansas families were hurting and government revenues were projected to be up. Lo and behold, there followed an early leak that state revenues were then projected to be down! So see, state government needed all of the money from that tax increase after all. Now it turns out that they were really up after all- and that higher ed will get to dip their beaks into more of your earnings after all!

So will the revenues be up or down? They are projected to be whatever is convenient for Governor Beebe at the moment.


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

And one other note, Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank is a belligerent homosexual who was at the front of killing any efforts to reform Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, and who also led the charge on the unpopular bailouts, has had a slight conflict of interest. It seems that he was sleeping with a male Fannie Mae exec at the time he was loosening their oversight and assuring us they were not overextended.

The man is a disgrace and an absolute blight on the Congress. He has been dead wrong on his alleged area of specialty for years, has a blatant conflict of interest, and yet still bullies and acts like his opinion is the only one that makes any sense.

This was the guy who had an aide that was running a male prostitute ring out of the Congressman's house or office. If he had any shame, he'd slink away. But he doesn't. He's consistently wrong on policy but the idea of listening to someone who predicted all this coming, like Ron Paul, has never occurred to him.

Frank is a bombastic clown who does not let the fact that he is a degenerate incompetent get in the way of his bellicose arrogance.

9:25 PM, October 06, 2008  

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