Monday, November 10, 2008

(Single) Women Drivers

World Net Daily makes a convincing case that what put Obama over the top was the single woman vote.

Unmarried women supported Obama by 70 to 29 percent. Married women supported him by a narrow 50-47% margin. That is a titanic 42 point swing. There is a vast political divide in this country between happily married women and single women. They see the world very differently.

Many of the single women are in effect "married to the state". They are much more likely to rely on the state for health care, housing subsidies, child care subsidies, and all manner of government largess. When they vote for a handsome fellow who promises more government, they are voting for "the one"- the one they count on to provide for and take care of them. They usually don't have a flesh and blood man that they love in their life, certainly not the father of any children they may have. They are afraid of being "knocked up" by another of their partners they can't count on and don't respect. By contrast, married women are for the most part not afraid of having a baby. This explains the radically different positions the two groups have on abortion.

Married women, especially homemakers, take the opposite view of single women on a range of issues. They have a husband who is the primary wage earner struggling to take care of them every day. They see government claiming an ever growing slice of their earnings and assuming more and more control over their life.. They see their husbands being taxed to pay for the benefits that single women get from government. A mother who stays at home to raise her own children in her own home is more likely to take a dim view of her family's earnings being taxed to subsidize daycare. The vast growth of government debt is a concern to them. Their husbands the only ones around to pay the "national credit card" bills that politicians run up with their expansive promises.

I am just reporting what I see here, not blaming single women for their predicament. The title "women drivers" refers only to the narrow aspect of putting Obama over the top, not our root predicament. In fact, I lay more of the blame at the feet of the men of this country. For women to be happily married, there must be a supply of worthy men to be married to. For too long we have had a surfeit of play boys when what we needed are real men. Men who more interested in providing for their families and minding their government as they are with obsessing on sports and porn. In other words, responsible grownups rather than boys of a large size.

If men had stayed strong, the women's lib movement would never have taken off. Now the problem is compounded by crazy "no fault" divorce laws so that the average man is afraid to marry. The wife could go wild on him and he would still be stuck with alimony and child support. The intent of these laws was to make "dead beat dads" more accountable to their responsibilities. When those men are rare, no such laws are needed. Unfortunately, the unintended consequences of these changes has been to further scare men away from marriage. Combine this with a supply of women willing to co-habit rather than insist on the commitment of marriage, and twenty years later you get a nation that votes socialist.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What you say is all the more true among minority families. Sadly, the percentage of single mothers among blacks is much higher than that of their racial counterparts. There are multiple and complicated reasons for that, but hopefully, a black man in the White House will inspire other black men to step up to the plate & be responsible, secure stable, long-term employment and support & stay with their families long-term; I believe it to be one way that many blacks will be able to escape poverty and overcome environmental and educational obstacles. Hopefully, the intact family, particularly the black family, (father, mother, child/ren in one household) under Obama will make a strong comeback, thereby reducing the need for government assistance (housing, food, transportation, medical, etc.). There are a multitude of excellent employment and educational opportunities for responsible black men & women now. It's up to them to take advantage of those opportunities; if they don't, they have no one to blame but themselves. The days of crying "racism" at every turn should be over, hopefully putting the likes of extortionist race-hustlers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton out of business. The stock market fell 10% after Obama's election. Does that make the market racist? Ha! I don't think so! Money doesn't change colors; it's all green, no matter who holds it. Hopefully, Obama's election puts the last nail in the coffin of Jackson-Sharpton-style false racism charges.
Numerous studies show that children raised in single-parent households have a 70% chance of being on some sort of government assistance by the time they reach age 18, compared to only 20% of those raised in two (male/female) parent households. I do take issue with you that men who watch sports can't be responsible, pay attention to politics and be loving dads & support their families. In fact, I would say that sports and politics have many parallels, as competition abounds in both.

Porn is a different issue, however; that's a deeper psychological problem, beyond the scope of this post. Married (or perhaps even single) men who buy/watch porn have other, separate issues going on that often can't be resolved by government or a loving spouse. Lumping an interest in sports together with porn is unfair, in my view. They each require different analyses, and with perhaps different conclusions. Sports is entertainment, but an interest in porn goes deeper into the psyche.

3:18 PM, November 11, 2008  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

I did say "obsession", but I see what you mean.

4:18 PM, November 11, 2008  

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