Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lotto Memo Outlines Practices, Raises Questions

Roby Brock over at Business Talk reports on a memo that House Speaker Bobby Wills is circulating on the proposed lottery.

This lottery proposal is a bad idea on many levels. In extensive coverage of the issue I have often remarked that the state media has been absolutely derelict in its reporting of the problems with the bill, and speculated that they may be looking for a payoff in the form of lottery "advertising" when the thing gets running.

Rep. Wills' memo did not do much to alleviate my concern that there is a quid pro quo in the works. While one part of the memo suggested that "operating costs" should be kept to a meager 3.9% of "proceeds" for administrative expenses it was unclear whether advertising would be a part of that or separate, or whether "proceeds" was defined before or after marketing costs were included.

In addition, of the seven "best practices" points, five of the seven made references to advertising and/or promotions. It certainly sounds like a huge chunk of money is going towards media buys and explains why the state's media kept its mouth shut about the trip mines the way this proposal is set up.

One of the "best practices" was to basically have "instant winners" instead of waiting for a jackpot, so I guess people can gamble with the state every day now until their last time is gone.


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