Friday, January 23, 2009

88% Support Bill Sample Immigration Bill

In a recent (Jan 15-18) Little Rock TV poll, 88% said they supported the main elements of Arkansas Representative Bill Sample's immigration bill (HB1093). Following are the question and answers copied from their site. Find this poll at this link. If you check the list of other polls on this TV station, you will find no other such disparity in those polls. Note also the results of another poll by a Jonesboro TV last summer which revealed that 95% of the respondents would support denying benefits to illegal aliens.

"Your Opinion
Immigration Bill

An immigration bill being discussed at the legislature would create a division within state police to investigate fraudulent documents. It would require public employers to use a status verification system to ensure workers hired are here legally. And it would also require contractors to hold out the maximum amount of state taxes on independent contractors if he or she fails to provide employment authorization. Would you support denying government benefits to illegal aliens.
Yes ( 87.3%)
No (11.7%)"

KAIT TV Jonesboro Survey/ 95% Would Deny Benefits To Illegal Immigrants
July, 2008

"Region 8 Responds
Per the Arkansas ballot initiative, would you vote to deny illegal immigrants government benefits?
Thank you for participating in our poll. Here are the results so far.


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