Monday, July 13, 2009

Primary Opponent for Boozman?

Word in the NWA Tea Party movement is that Republican Congressman John Boozman will draw a Republican Primary opponent, and that this opponent is only weeks away from a formal announcement.

Conservatives have gone from frustrated to angry with Boozman over his strong support for the banker's bailout. The previous frustration came from his lack of accomplishments for conservative values- failing even to speak up for them effectively, much less get them into law. A district as conservative as the 3rd could certainly get a representative that would push their issues harder. Boozman's unflinching support of Bush policies, even big-government ones, have now back-lashed as loyalists watch their party both go left and lose ground.

I have never met the mystery candidate, but sources assure me that he has a very credible resume and for a non-corporate candidate, would be fairly well funded.


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