Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Health Care from the Folks Who Brought You Vaccine Cover Ups

Autism often expresses itself as sensory overload where children cannot deal with normal stimulus.
A mercury product used in many children's vaccinations is at least partially responsible for the explosion in autism. So says Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in this long and solid report. Not only that, he makes credible claims that government agencies have long known the truth about vaccines with thimerosal, but covered it up.

There could be several motives for this. One is that they did not want to panic the population out of taking vaccinations for other things. They are phasing the additive out of vaccines now, but that is too late for over half a million autistic children.

Another possibility is that the drug companies have taken over part of the government much as Goldman Sachs and banking interests have taken over other parts. The government now mandates that your child get over 20 vaccinations before they reach 1st grade. That is a lot of bad stuff to assault a young immune system with but the drug companies are always looking to add one more drug to the "mandatory" list.

More evidence? Consider Bush II and the Medicare part D program. We couldn't pay for the Medicare plan we had before prescription drug coverage was added. Instead of fixing it, Bush insured Medicare's soon-coming implosion by adding a prescription drug benefit which is 75% financed by general revenue. This amounts to a huge subsidy for drug companies. Remember Texas Governor Rick Perry and his mandatory innoculations for 11 year old girls in Texas public schools for a sexually transmitted disease? Big pharma wanted it.

My point here is that much of our government has been captured by mega-corporate interests, and big pharma is part of that group. Now let me ask you a question, assume that Kennedy is right and the government covered up the effects of thimerosal even though the had evidence that it contributed to autism, are these the people you want to trust with your health care? Why are they going to put your health first and not the profits and protection of the big medical corporations who funnel them so much money in exchange for political favors?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boozman voted for Medicare Part D. And TARP.

With friends like this, who needs liberals?

8:16 PM, August 20, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gardasil (HPV vaccination) is also required in D.C. schools (the lobbyist's den) and is an opt-out vaccination in Virginia government schools.

9:37 PM, August 21, 2009  

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