Sunday, October 11, 2009

DNA Packing from the "Evolve This" File

A new article from pro-evolution Science Daily offers strong support for the Intelligent Design Theory without even knowing it. It turns out that DNA is not only packed in a double helix, but the way the helix is folded in on itself and stored is remarkably, or perhaps miraculously, efficient.

One of the most amazing discoveries has to do with information storage of DNA,"the human genome is organized into two separate compartments, keeping active genes separate and accessible while sequestering unused DNA in a denser storage compartment. Chromosomes snake in and out of the two compartments repeatedly as their DNA alternates between active, gene-rich and inactive, gene-poor stretches."

The second amazing discovery is that the cell uses a structure called a fractal gobule to fold the helix extremely tight without jamming it up. The information density in the nucleus is trillions of times higher than on a computer chip.

Perhaps you are thinking that this level of elegance in problem solving and display of code-packing skills trillions of times the level of IBM engineers seems more likely to be the result of intelligent design rather than random forces.

Well, the guys who wrote the article might tell you that you were wrong, but even the language that they use in the article communicates that the results are so much like those of Intelligent Design that they can't use any other language to tell you what has been found.

""Nature's devised a stunningly elegant solution to storing information -- a super-dense, knot-free structure," says senior author Eric Lander". Nature has devised?

""Cells cleverly separate the most active genes into their own special neighborhood, to make it easier for proteins and other regulators to reach them," says Job Dekker."

Cells cleverly separate? Why, those are some mighty clever single cells, aren't they?


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