Monday, March 01, 2010

Polls: The Fix is Still In

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Looks like my source was mis-informed, or Rasmussen changed their mind. Holt is in the latest poll, which also polls against Halter. Boozman and Holt poll best against Lincoln, with a nine and seven point spread respectively. The others trail. Boozman polls strongest in the unlikely prospect that Halter wins.
Subject: US Senate GOP Primary polling: I reported to you earlier about the strange series of odd coincidences concerning polls which had the effect of pumping up Congressman John "Bailout" Boozman and downplaying the strength of outsider former State Senator Jim Holt.

After Rasmussen left him off of their poll last time the firm was apparently deluged with complaints. Their last poll included Boozman even though he had not yet declared, and also included Tom Cox who has since dropped out of the race.

With all of those complaints, and the disproportionate treatment, and the opening up of a spot due to the loss of Cox, I thought we would finally get to see a poll which compared the relative strengths of Holt to the others. Nope. It seems the fix is still in. After doing a poll at least every month for the last four months, "the powers that be" at Rasmussen have decided to SKIP POLLING FOR MARCH according to a usually reliable source. This will "lock in" the perceptions of Bailout as the leading candidate, which was the template they seem to want to impose on the data.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently Mr. Holt does not need to be polled with the other candidates and that could be bad for Mr. Rasmussen should Mr. Holt win his campaign.

Is there anybody out there that is not corrupt? If so vote for Jim Holt and send Rasmussen some new polling data.

9:46 PM, March 01, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well there you go. Holt was polled after all. You all are so paranoid. Holt ended up just like all the other GOP candidates. Does that mean he is just like all of them? In fact Boozman bet him in approval.

4:27 PM, March 02, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously their plans changed when Halter announced for senate yesterday. Glad to see they finally included Holt.

4:56 PM, March 02, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe they had plans all along.

6:33 PM, March 02, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Rasmussen, thank for including Mr. Holt in your latest polling. Now Arkansas voters will have an understanding that there are more options in candidates than you presented in previous polling.

As a Boozeman supporter for Congress in the past I wish to look at his record again now that he is asking for my vote for the Senate.

As always I like reviewing all candidates willing to take the oath to represent my state, my party, family or myself. Is that not reasonable? As long as I am free I will do so.

If you by design exclude from public knowledge as in this case Mr. Holt, the quoted article, The Fix Is Still In. How can I or other voters have a chance to hear all candidates if one is being excluded in public polling and presented before the public? How would they know the excluded candidate existed except on a local level?

Would you Mr. Rasmussen want to really be seen taking part in this type of tactics? Apparently not and was clearly and oversight I’m sure. Either way, may the best candidate win as the voters will decide, not you Mr. Rasmussen

5:08 PM, March 03, 2010  

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