Friday, April 30, 2010

POW Net Radio: Jim Bob Dugger vs. Chamber of Commerce

On this program:

*Jim Bob Duggar vs. the Chamber of Commerce
*Deconstructing Boozman's TV Ad
*Judicial Supremacy, the enormity of the threat and what we should do about it.


Here is the article I was referring to, which unmasks the Chamber of Commerce as being anti-free market and for using the government to force people to subsidize their projects. The free market members of Congress actually get a low rating from them, because they won't support the use of government intervention to prop up favored industries.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope business is much better for Bernie and his wife!

# Bernie Skoch
9.17.07 | 11:22 pm | comment permalink |

My wife and I opened an LDS bookstore in Northwest Arkansas. We seem to be moving toward self-sufficiency (read “survival”) after a year in business.

I will tell you the biggest challenges are:

1) Sufficiently capitalizing the operation. This isn’t for the weak at heart.

2) Advertizing. As we won’t use church rosters or post ads in meeting houses, it is really diificult to spread the word. We are making good use of an email mailing list we have built up, but that allows us only to reach those whom we’ve already reached.

3) Competing with Deseret (our largest supplier) at the retail level. Deseret has vertically integrated very well, but that makes it tough to compete with them. We price match, but we can often buy at retail (from them) cheaper than we can from their wholesale arm. That makes it doubly tough.

8:48 AM, April 30, 2010  

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