Monday, May 17, 2010

Baker robocall attacks Holt's honesty

Below is the press release Holt's campaign sent out today on a robocall by Marvin Parks on behalf of Gilbert Baker. This is the text of the main portion of the robocall to which the Holt press release was referring:

“Over the years I have watched Jim Holt use misleading and distorting campaign tactics for his own personal gain,” says Parks in the call. “This election is no different. This time he is distorting Gilbert Baker’s conservative record of cutting your taxes and balancing Arkansans budget in an attempt to win votes. Mr. Holt has tried these losing tactics before. He has also lost to Blanche Lincoln in 2004 and Bill Halter in 2006. It is time for something different.”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, May 17, 2010CONTACT: Dwayne Andregg

Holt calls for 'Politics Unusual'
SPRINGDALE, AR — As we come into the final hours of the Arkansas primary, an opponent of Jim Holt has attacked and tried to defame Holt's character through a robocall accusing Holt of "distorting" his opponent's record.

"First of all, our campaign didn't even compile the voting records The Women's Action Group did the research and published them. I believe all the members are retired school teachers," said Holt. "We asked them if we could reproduce them and hand them out and they said, yes. We are grateful for their willingness to inform the public. Thomas Jefferson said that whenever the people are well informed they can be trusted with their own government," elaborated Holt.

"I think everyone would agree that we're tired of negative campaigning. It's sad really," Holt said. "I know the person that did the robocall is a friend of Gilbert's but I also think the people of Arkansas would be disheartened to know he is a registered lobbyist – this is a documented fact." (Source:

"This proves what everyone in-the-know, already knows: Gilbert is another establishment candidate that has raised over a million dollars with the help from lobbyists. We haven't received one penny of lobbyist or D.C. money. I believe this puts our campaign in the best position for what people are really looking for: someone who doesn't cater to the special interests and 'insider' politics.

People are tired of establishment candidates running campaigns the same ol' way. They're tired of politics as usual. It's time to stick to the truth and documented facts," said Holt. "I am the U.S. Senate Candidate that has the most anti-establishment, anti-tax, anti growth in government record there is – period! And I have the record to prove it. I can't take the credit though. That goes to my upbringing, my accountability partners and God's grace. I thank the Lord for that. I want people to look at my record. How many people do you know want you to 'look under the hood?' I do."

Dwayne Andregg, Holt's campaign manager said, "We have nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of. We invite Arkansas voters to uncover the truth by reviewing Jim's record and comparing it with his opponent's by visiting These are documented facts".

"We will not slander or use negative campaign tactics or adjectives that would put a political 'spin' on the issues. We know people don't want politics as usual. They want politics Unusual. They want politics done with honesty and documentation to empower, 'We the People.' That's why we have so many people fired up and helping in our campaign." Holt said.

Andregg said "The only 'Documented Facts' contained in the call are the statements that Holt lost to both Lincoln in '04, and Halter and '06. But even this is not giving all the facts. Lincoln was at 70% in approval rating and she spent 6.7 million to Jim's 148,000. Now her approval is at approximately 27%. The seat was not a 'targeted race in '04, it is now. Whoever the nominee is, they will be funded.

"In '06, there was a wave of negatives from Bush; this election President Obama has extremely high negatives. Jim Holt is also the best to contrast the establishment. Boozman or Baker have insider ties that the democrats will use against us in the fall – you can bet on it. Jim Holt doesn't."
Audio of Gilbert's Robocall:
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