Friday, June 04, 2010

Because it Doen't Matter - No Public Choice for Congress

People have really gotten wrapped up in this run-off election for Congress. It is a symptom of our societies near obsession with Washington D.C. Hey, the candidates with a greatly different policy perspective did not make the run off. Despite the ads, there is not enough policy difference there to get worked up about. I can't see either of them advancing the kinds of things needed to restore the republic, and even if they did I can't see them succeeding. I believe that Washington D.C. is coming under judgment from God Himself. The 2x4 of reality is about to smack that place square in the forehead and any attempts we make to reform it before that happens are just getting in His way.

Because the differences are personal rather than policy, any choice I make on this race is based on personal things and not policy. I don't feel comfortable advising anyone on that basis. Add that to what I said above. A part of me realizes that no matter what they think they want now, sending them to DC is not doing them any favors.

It is time for mature political activists to realize that the change we are looking for will not be found in a federal race with two candidates who have marginal policy differences. Let's focus on state and local races, even if its not what Hannity and Beck are talking about. Let's show some maturity and fix Arkansas first. That way, even if Washington fails we will still be able to protect people here during the catharsis.


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