Saturday, July 03, 2010

Why Did Bernie Skoch Meet With John Boozman?

Skoch: meeting with John Boozman?

***UPDATE*** ***UPDATE*** ***UPDATE***

The general himself wrote me and denied the meeting happened at all. Here is his statement.....

"My journalistic experience consists of being editor of the Jacksonville (Arkansas) Junior High School newspaper when I was in the 9th grade, so I make no claim to editorial experience, wisdom, or stature. But I _do_ seem to recall an admonition to always independently confirm sources. I think you failed at that. I am sorely disappointed that someone as widely read as you would report an alleged meeting between John Boozman and me without so much as a phone call to me.

I have no idea who your source is (and it's frankly none of my business), but he or she has given you information that has no basis whatever, so you may wish to consider whether he or she is worthy of your label "reliable."

I have met with John Boozman once in my life. In late June or early July 2009 he called me when he heard I was about to announce as a candidate against him. We had a pleasant breakfast meeting at a fancy restaurant in Springdale. (You may have heard of it: It is on Thompson Street and has golden arches.) I paid for his coffee and for my orange juice. I think he is therefore beholden to me.

That's it.

So, rely on inside sources all you care to. But know that in at least this case, they had it all wrong.

Bernie Skoch"

An inside source tells AW that General Bernie Skoch met with Congressman John Boozman. Skoch is the candidate who challenged Boozman for his house seat before the latter switched races and won the Senate Primary.

So what are they talking about? Anyone know? Anyone want to guess?


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Sure, Bernie. Wink, wink.

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