Sunday, August 29, 2010

Governor's Race, No One to Vote For

Sigh. I may still vote against somebody in the governor's race, but there is no one for a constitutional conservative to vote for. Jim Keet at his best is simply mirroring Secure Arkansas on illegal immigration. What is discouraging is when he is at his worst: when it comes from his own campaign.

In his recent criticism of Gov. Mike Beebe Keet complains that Beebe made a near billion-dollar surplus go away. So far so good, but Keet goes on to say that he agreed with much of that spending. One of those areas of agreement was the part used to placate the judges in the Lakeview case. How can the man who would pose as the champion of Wiener (a small school closing down because of some of the more ridiculous legislation put through as a result of Lakeview) make such a claim?

The proper response to Lakeview was for the legislature to forward a Constitutional Amendment to the voters authorizing the Legislature to impeach judges who violate separation of powers and attempt to dictate to the Legislature (who is supposed to have the 'power of the purse strings') what an "adequate" amount of funding for education is. If the voters fail to approve the amendment, then maybe its time to cravenly buckle. At least in that case the people would have chosen to live in a judgeocracy rather than a Constitutional Republic.

The proper response of a Governor would be to encourage the passage of such an amendment. Of course the Huckster didn't do that either, because Lakeview was really about increasing central control of all schools (even yours), and Huckabee was always in favor of more control, statements from his mouth notwithstanding. That's one reason I did not vote in the Governor's race his last run either. I figure we might get betrayed, but we should at least have the personal dignity to refuse to vote for those who betray us, whatever scare tactics they use to get us to push the button for our betrayers. If there is no one to vote for, then don't vote in that race. Pretty simple really.

Keet also thinks the Governor's "quick action closing fund" was surplus well spent. Again, I disagree. What we need is a generally favorable business climate that helps the businesses we already have get better. The fund represents an effort for government to pick winners and losers. It also represents getting took. Anytime you see a politician posing in the paper with a new plant from a global corporation coming to the area, be aware of the likely reason: He bid more of your money than the other 49 states to get it. The politician who "wins the bid" for some of those companies is one who overpaid for it the most. As with central control of schools, the egos of Governor's might like having that power and control, but its not good policy.

I am not sure I even agree with Keet's statement that the surplus spent on the Cancer center was worth it. I would have to see what strings were attached to the money. Cancer research should have no problem attracting private funds if it is promising research. If its not, then it's just a government boondogle no matter how worthy the stated cause.


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