Thursday, December 02, 2010

So Does that Apply to Judges Too? How About Secretary of State?

Brummett's column today actually made sense as far as it went. It pointed to the problems we have with the State Game and Fish Commission and the Little Rock Airport and even the Lottery Commission. Those are all run by appointees rather than elected by the people. John actually writes in favor of the accountability of elections.

I agree with this column, as far as it goes. What I want to know is how he reconciles his position with ideas that judges should not be elected, but appointed. And especially his position that offices such as Secretary of State be directly appointed by the Governor alone.

If its a bad thing to seal off the State Game and Fish Commission from the Consent of the Governed via elections, how about 1/3 of the state government? And of course the judiciary is the branch that is expanding its own power at the expense of the other two branches.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me help you...

Judges that are appointed rule based upon law and not on what will or will not get them elected. I think we have enough of that already don't you?

The Governor's department heads should work with the sitting governor to implement what they were elected to do not what is going to position them for higher office.

That help?

5:16 PM, December 05, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't see a whole lot of "rule based upon law" emanating from the federal benches. In fact, they are the worst abusers of their authority, and they are all appointed to their positions.

10:04 PM, December 05, 2010  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Anon 5:16.

"Judges that are appointed rule based upon law "

That was a good one. Are you a professional humorist? And do you have an actual reason for appointed rather than elected judges?

5:08 AM, December 06, 2010  

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