Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wrong Way to Go No Matter Which Way You Lean

The crazy liberals at the Arktimes are right about the Little Rock Airport scandal. Should the mis-appropriation of public money be overlooked if you have an executive who is good at bringing in government grants? Or rather, if one is in the right "club" in LR social circles should it be overlooked?

So does who you are in with counts more than what kind of life you live in some quarters? I have noticed that in much of Arkansas "conservative" does not mean you are for limited government, it just means that the people who have always run things should keep running things, no matter how they run them.

They also make a valid point that the Tea Party should be all over this. So far they have not been. I predict it is only a matter of time though, perhaps post-holidays.

Though monuments and physical plant are up at the airport, actual passengers are down. People don't want to pay six dollars for what used to be free parking, even if they are walking into a glistening terminal. The liberals in Fayetteville City government tried the same principle by putting parking meters on Dixon street. It drove away customers there too, just like the raising of fees at the LR airport.

That's the harsh beauty of the market. It does not care what label you want to pin on yourself. It only cares how well your actions serve the customers.


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