Saturday, February 05, 2011

Obama Administration Defies the Courts. I Like it.

Ken Salazar

Resident Obama's Interior Secretary Ken Salazar Don't Need No Stinkin' Court Opinion. As a matter of fact, he is openly thumbing his nose at them when it comes to the drilling ban in the Gulf of Mexico.
Read the full details here.

I like it. Not because of what it is doing to our nation in the short run. I think it is hurting Americans in the pocketbook and with job-creation. Rather, I like the precedent. The Federal Judiciary has become a near-tyrannical oligarchy which disregards the constitution whenever it suits them and occasionally protects us from the rest of the federal government just often enough to keep most Americans unaware of its true effect.

If the Republic can be restored, I suspect that America will have to elect a President who refuses to enforce some of the Court's most over-reaching decisions. So far, the Executive has only bucked the court when the court tried (not very often) to limit the executive's power over the people. What I want is a President who will refuse to use the Executive power of the federal government to enforce the capricious and unconstitutional edicts of the court against the states, and the people.


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