Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why Every Republican Should Co-Sponsor HB1292, The Illegal Alien Bill

Representative Jon Hubbard filed HB1292, An Act To Prohibit Illegal Aliens From Receiving Any State Benefit Except In Instances of Emergency. Oringally it had four Co-sponsors: Deffenbaugh, Eubanks, Harris, Stubblefield. Following are several reasons why every Republican should sign on as a co-sponsor to this bill. If even most of the Republicans would become a co-sponsor, the media would not be able to marginalize any of them. [Since this was written on February 9, we have 34 sponsors of the bill. They won't be listed on the Arkansas Legislative website until bill is amended on Wednesday. ]

1. Arkansans are more united on this issue in not wanting to give benefits to illegal aliens than any other issue in Arkansas or the nation. Nationwide 89% of Republicans oppose benefits for illegal aliens.

§ In a KAIT-8 poll in 2010, 94% said they would vote for a state constitutional amendment to deny state social services to illegal immigrants. A similar poll in 2008 had the same results.
A Rasmussen Report poll shows an astounding 83% of Americans believe that illegal aliens should not have access to "government health care subsidies".

About 72 percent of voters said it's "very important" for "the government to improve its enforcement of the borders and reduce illegal immigration." The figure jumped to 89 percent among Republicans, while 65 percent of Democrats and 63 percent of unaffiliated voters believed enforcement is "very important." Rasmussen Poll
This is a winning issue for Republicans, and Republicans should take advantage of it.

2. Republican legislators have a responsibility to the conservatives who put them in office to co-sponsor this bill and make it a priority.

Eighty-nine percent of Republicans favor reducing illegal immigration.
§ Secure Arkansas gathered 78,000 signatures according to their records, and the Secretary of State confirmed the number submitted as 67,542 signatures, which would have been enough to satisfy the requirement for the initiative to become law (but not enough to meet the requirement for a constitutional amendment, the goal of the petition in 2010).
§ Republicans legislators, as our representatives, should not sit on the sidelines while citizens put in thousands and thousands of hours in labor (and money) to get a law passed limiting benefits for illegal aliens, especially when a large majority of both parties support such a law.
§ Senior legislators should support those freshman legislators who have the courage to sponsor these bills.

For several other reasons and bullet points see this link:


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