Sunday, March 13, 2011

Harmonize This! Global Standards for Patents Tilts Playing Field

There is an excellent article by the magnificent Phyllis Schlafly on S.23, a patent "reform" bill. Bear in mind that the U.S. patent office is 100% self-funding. It's constitutional, and it was worked very well to help make America the leader in invention and innovation for over 200 years. So why do we need to change it? So that we can "harmonize" our patent laws with those of the European Union. And why is that desirable? So that global corporations can better subvert national sovereignty, and get a vast competitive advantage over the independent or small company inventor.

The article is a good read for those interested in economic and property rights issues. It is insane to try and "reform" the one part of the federal government that is working well and costing us nothing. This is yet another sign that real American citizens have lost control of their government to a small group of international elites and artificial persons known as "corporations."


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