Monday, March 07, 2011

Krugman A Stopped Clock on More Higher Ed

The uber left Arkansas Times continually cites Paul Krugman, the ridiculously wrong economic columnist at the New York Times. But even stopped clocks are right twice a day. Krugman has admitted that more spending on higher education does not necessarily generate economic growth. In so saying, he is finally catching on to something I have been saying for years. Here is how he put it...."What we can’t do is get where we need to go just by giving workers college degrees, which may be no more than tickets to jobs that don’t exist or don’t pay middle-class wages."

At last a golden nugget of truth in the roaring stream of delusion that is Paul Krugman's column. We have to build the business climate first, then the jobs will come. Taxing business into penury to fund humongous college programs only educates a workforce which will have to go elsewhere for applicable jobs.


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