Saturday, March 05, 2011

With (Jeb) Bush at Side, Obama Touts Education Plan

And why not? Jeb's daddy stood beside Ted Kennedy to enact his anti-constitutional federalization of local schools. They are after all, both big-government globalists. The illusion of choice can be discarded on this issue, as it has been on so many others. This is your "democracy" America.

Said Obama: "I am not willing to give up on any school in America."

The man can't handle his actual responsibilities, but that does not stop him from meddling in areas where the constitution he swore to uphold gives him ZERO responsibility. But at least he can string three or four sentences together that sound articulate- if given a teleprompter. The previous oath-breaker who decided to increase federalization of local schools (I guess because D.C. is doing such a great job at everything else?) was barely able to speak coherently. It did not appear to impact his assumption that he was fit to run all the schools in the country from D.C..


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