Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Martin Misdirection Wars

"Pay No Attention to That Redistricting Plan Going on Behind the Curtain."
I have written enough on this thread at the Tolbert Report to make an article, so I might as well post a link to it. I was reacting to the self-proclaimed "Republicans" who are joining the mis-information fueled lynch mob forming for Secretary of State Mark Martin. Here is an example of my acerbic witticisms...

"No way in the world I would want to see some of you guys in a foxhole next to me. You’d shoot me in the back based on what the enemy’s propaganda broadcast said about me!"

And indeed a certain element of the carpers are doing exactly what Beebe, McDaniel and company want them to do.....be so distracted over what are mostly non-stories that they completely ignore a hyper-partisan redistricting effort conducted in practical secrecy by Beebe and McDaniel. Tolbert at least is not willing to let that story go uncovered. The state's establishment media? They are the ones most beating the misdirection drums. Don't expect any help from them covering the important stuff, that's what they are trying to distract you from!


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