Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Violent Crime Takes a Downturn as Illegals Depart

For some reason, there is a decrease in violent crime where there is a decrease in illegal aliens.
Many sources are reporting a significant downturn in violent crime across the nation which perplexes the experts. Since I am not an "expert" I don't have to be perplexed. I believe that I know the reason. Young men tend to commit violent crime- especially young men who have already shown a disregard for the law and feel little or no alliegence to the society in which they operate. The decline in the population of young males, in particular young males from the profile which I have described, will correspond with a decline in violent crime.

The economic down turn has resulting in many illegal aliens "self deporting" as jobs are no longer as easy to find. And regardless of what you think of his overall job performance, the Obama administration has cracked down on illegal aliens. Deportations are up 10-25% and examinations of employers for illegal aliens has quadrupled. That further contributes to the loss of economic rewards for illegal immigration which leads to more self-deportations.

Of course our state government is in the pocket of business interests who profit from cheap labor, so our state government has been a pocket of friendly exception for illegals. This is true of both Gov. Beebe's Sargent Shultz approach ("I know nu-think') to former Gov. Huckabee who went so far as to spend emergency funds on a facility for the government of Mexico in Little Rock as he was walking out the door. That center helps Mexican citizens who are in the states, legally or illegally, navigate the landscape. With all that support for illegal aliens in Little Rock it does not surprise me that Little Rock has not participated in the significant drop in violent crime. Violent crime in Little Rock remains at high levels even while it turns down nation-wide.

Even within the NY Times article where the experts were "baffled" by the drop in violent crime, they noted some exceptions. New York City and San Antonio still had higher violent crime rates. I suspect that the illegals that are left in this country are consolidating to areas that are still receptive to them.


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