Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Perry Letter

Team Good Hair: Texas Governor Rick Perry gets a boost in the natural state as State Rep. David Sanders rounds up twenty state legislators who sign a letter asking Perry to enter the Presidential race.
A sound analysis of Perry's candidacy should include two components: 1) Is he the answer in terms of policy and 2) is he the answer in terms of politics. A second question relates to the politics of state reps banding together and making an early endorsement on a Presidential primary race.

First observation: I noticed that none of these guys signed any letters asking former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee to jump in the race. Back in January, when Huckabee was considering jumping in the race, a poll of Texas voters was taken. Down in Texas, Mike Huckabee was the winner. It had Huckabee way ahead of Perry (who was in 6th place) in a potential presidential race. Is it a question of the grass always being greener? They think our guy is the answer and we think their guy is the answer? I don't know the answer! Still, even Pawlenty and Santorum poll better in their home states than Perry did in that poll.

Another Huckabee-Perry tie in is that both men are perceived as "conservatives" by the average member of the population in the nation at-large, but there are conservative activists in both states (like me in the case of Huckabee) who will tell you that each of them are posers. While I don't know about that for Perry, I specifically reject any idea that Perry is a political "outsider", though he does play one on TV.

It is true that Rick Perry has made some "Tea Party" type statements. His rhetoric is often conservative. While that is better than someone who spouts liberal or even "moderate" rhetoric, I remind you that he is from Texas. If you want to get elected, and stay that way, those are the kind of statements you had better make. It cost him nothing politically to talk as tough as he has in Texas. In fact, he could not have survived without it. I postulate that if Mitt Romney had been a Texan he would have said very similar things, instead of saying lefty things he had to say while running for office in Massachusetts.

I don't hear the Perry proponents talking much about his policies or exactly what he would do to, for example, reduce the federal deficit. Instead, they tend to cite stats about how well Texas as a state is doing. I am a policy wonk, and I can't see a compelling policy reason why Rick Perry needs to jump into this race. He is not offering any specific answers that are in any significant way different from several of the other announced candidates for the race.

Texas is the #1 oil and gas state in this country, and they had zero income tax before he ever became Governor. Of course they are going to be better off than the rest of the nation at a time when prices for oil are skyrocketing. Gov. Perry deserves credit for not screwing things up, but it is hard to cite any specific change of policy that he initiated that is responsible for the relatively strong economy which Texas enjoys.

The answer to the policy part of the question is "maybe, but there is no compelling policy reason I can detect for a Perry candidacy." The answer to the political part of the question is more clear. A Perry candidacy would risk a disaster for the GOP and for the country.

Consider that the field is already divided among several candidates who have a lot of potential staying power. While Romney is unpopular in the south, Northeast Republicans are going to roll their eyes at the thought of voting for another Texas Governor who fires six shooters into the air and even insincerely talks of succession from the union. They will stick with Romney. Romney has cash, and he has a large network of strongly motivated Mormon supporters throughout the nation. Unless he will take the Vice President slot, he is in it to win it. Romney is not going to bow out for Rick Perry. Ron Paul stayed in it until the end last time, and he is in a much stronger position now than he was four years ago. Western states tend to lean libertarian and he might have an even more resolute base than Romney. Michelle Bachman is a threat to win Iowa, and if she does then she will emerge as the favorite of the large slice of the Tea Party that is not ready for some of the difficult choices that Paul espouses.

Add Perry to that mix and there are four candidates who could win significant slices of delegates, enough to prevent any of them from winning the nomination outright. If Perry jumps in, we may be looking at a brokered convention, or such obvious establishment intervention to avoid one that it enrages the grassroots even further, leaving an ugly mood going into the Fall.

But the bigger problem for the Republicans is that Perry is absolutely the wrong man to beat Obama. He may be the kind of guy who makes southern conservatives swoon, but he matches up terribly against Obama. He does not have the potential to bring in one single swing vote group. Even McCain matched up better against Obama than Rick Perry.

Southern conservatives may not accept that statement, because they love Perry's style. I'm saying it is a mistake to think everyone in the country shares your tastes and thought-patterns. The best candidate is not always the one who makes people just like you get the most fired up. The best candidate is one who can also reach out to others who are not like you, while still keeping the substance you want. What you have to do is step back and try to mentally put yourself in the position of a swing voter in various parts of the country.

Do you really think that Western libertarians, midwesterners, and northeasterners, are going to be anxious to back another Texas Governor for President? The Bush administration only seems like the "good old days" relative to the Obama disaster, but it was the Bush disaster that permitted Obama to get the job in the first place. Perry would be seen as another Bush term to much of the rest of the nation, and that does not appeal to much of the country. His friendly relations with energy companies, a plus in Texas, will be used against him in a national race where angry citizens blame the oil companies every time they have to fill up. It is a political disaster waiting to happen. Planned Parenthood officials and other leftist parasites are probably on their knees praying to Satan that Perry enters the race!

The answers to the first two questions produces the answer to the third. While I admire their courage and feel that they had every right to band together and endorse a candidate, I can't see the wisdom in this specific move. Perhaps they should band together to address some matter specific to the state, such as the propriety of Dustin McDaniel setting up a government within the government, or his teaming with Governor Beebe to violate the state Constitution on redistricting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

they look like they are gazing into each others eyes and like what they see.

9:11 AM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

They look like father and son to me.

9:17 AM, June 16, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Sanders is not a Perry "impersonator". What he does with his hair is a TRIBUTE to Perry, not an impersonation.

9:46 AM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger Robert Morrow said...

Rick Perry, his Adultery and Cheating on Anita: YET ANOTHER “family values” hypocrite, “talking Christian buzzwords”
Whore-mongering LIAR and FRAUD

Robert Morrow Austin, TX 512-306-1510

I am a 3 time delegate to the Texas state Republican convention (2006, 2008, 2010). I am also a patron of Austin’s strip clubs. My excellent and credible sources (plural) in Austin’s strip clubs tell me that Rick Perry, a la Bill Clinton, has an enabling entourage that gets him “young hotties” to have sex with both here in Austin and especially when he is on the road. As it was described to me, Rick Perry acts like he is in a porno video when he is on the road, having orgies with his entourage.

Christian “family values” hypocrite and adulterer Rick Perry is sitting on a keg of slut-fueled nitroglycerine that could explode in such a way that would make Anthony Weiner look like a mere pimple pop. That is why adulterer Rick is being such a tease about running for president. Capiche?

One of my sources even said that Adulterer Rick appeared to be on drugs.

Polecat Rick cheats on his wife, Anita. My sources on this are excellent.
“Family Values” hypocrite Rick Perry and his Adultery: He is for a $5 titty bar tax– calls it a “sin tax” and he campaigns for “traditional marriage” while he is busting young sluts on the side.
Just another reason to vote against Governor Skank Daddy

Rick is also for a $5 titty bar tax on every patron who enters a strip club in Texas. I find this quite *rich* because adulterer Rick is sampling the strip club merchandise after hours, according to my Austin strip club community sources. Rick’s wife, Anita, who Rick cheats on, is also for a $5 titty bar tax. Anita is employed by the TAASA, the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault and she is paid $65,000 for a sinecure job. The TAASA and Anita Perry were the driving forces behind the $5 titty bar tax that steals food out of the mouths of strippers and their babies. The titty bar tax ($5/patron) was the top legislative agenda of the TAASA and this arbitrary and unfair tax was expected to generate $30-50 million. It is highly likely that the Adulterer Rick’s wife Anita and the TAASA would get their grubby hands on a lot of that money. The hypocrisy of the Perrys is astounding.

Another thing that Gov. Perry did was sign a bill a few years ago that made conviction of prostitution on the 4th offence a STATE JAIL FELONY. Texas never used to send its prostitutes to state prison which is quite a harsh penalty. Previously it was a misdemeanor. God knows how much money Rick and his entourage spend on hookers and sluts. The dollar amount that I heard was huge; so large in fact that it makes me think that Rick is taking bribes or illegal gifts.

11:34 AM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger Robert Morrow said...

Google "Why Anita Perry Never Smiles" and you will learn more about this Christian buzzwords spouting, whoremongering hypocrite Rick Perry.

Robert Morrow 512-306-1510

Austin, TX

3 time delegate to the Texas state convention 2006, 2008, 2010

11:35 AM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger Robert Morrow said...

Rick Perry’s record:

• Toll Roads and Trans Texas Corridor – Is it socialism, fascism or communism? Toll roads are gargantuan debt time bombs and a whopping tax on consumers. (2003)
• Cheats on his wife – has sex with hookers and sluts, while spouting Christian buzzwords. Google “Why Anita Perry Never Smiles”
• Business Margins Tax – backdoor state income tax (2006)
• HPV vaccine mandate – Attack on parental rights (2007)
• FLDS El Dorado raid – Religious Oppression, traumatizes 438 children and their parents; out of control Child Protective Services raid based on crank phone call (2008)
• Defeats Steven Wayne Smith – makes robo phone calls against most conservative Supreme Court judge in modern Texas history (2004)
• Vetoes Texas Eminent Domain Bill – taking your land for a toll road more important than signing property rights protection overwhelmingly passed by Legislature. (2007)
• Signs Hate Crimes bill -- Attack on free speech and creates thought crimes, includes sexual orientation as a class! (2001)
• Globalist bootlicker – for United Nations, NAFTA, CAFTA, Trans Texas Corridor, Bilderberger toady.
• Governor for NINE years, then reads about the 10th Amendment a few months ago. (2009)
• Supports No Child Left Behind Act and Dept. of Education (Hey, is the federal government running your local school in the Constitution? Fine with Rick Perry.)
• Endorsers liberal cross dresser and gun grabber Rudy Guiliani for President (2008) – tells his good friend Mike Huckabee I love you like a brother, but you can’t win so I am going with gun grabber Rudy Julie Annie, he’s a sure thing! The Bilderbergers said I can be VP if I grovel enough and am for toll roads, globalism, open borders, big government and, of course, the Federal Reserve.
• Token opposition to illegal immigration – probably because the illegals will be building all his toll roads! Opposes wall on Mexican border.
• Does not stand up for elected State Board of Education every time it gets castrated by the liberals in the legislature (2000s). Throws crumbs to conservatives on SBOE, but when they really need him, hides under desk, sticks fingers in ears. (2009)
• Instituted state CHIP program!, a widely abused program and one more step to socialized medicine, more taxes and rationed healthcare. (Hey, is CHIP in the 10th Amendment?)
• Supports Sobriety Check Points! Unconstitutional trashing of YOUR 4th Amendment rights where everyone is pulled over with no probable cause and no reasonable suspicion. (Perry supported SB 298 bill) 2009
• Texas Enterprise Fund – basically, Rick Perry’s slush fund for politically connected insiders, another WASTE of your tax dollars. Big Government + Big Business = Fascism.
• Supports whopping $3 Billion Cancer BONDS, the Lance Armstrong cancer tax – more taxing, borrowing and spending. (2007). For Texas borrowing money to go into the cancer research business.
• Tries to intimidate FEMALE state trooper who pulls him over for speeding while he was lieutenant governor, telling her “Why don’t you just let us get on down the road?” as she was writing him a ticket.
• Tells a Houston tv reporter Ted Oberg “Adios, mofo.” (2005)
• Wants to use Texas Teacher and State Employee Retirement Money on risky TOLL ROADS! ing

11:38 AM, June 16, 2011  
Blogger cshilline said...

To answer some of Mr. Robert Morrows accusations/questions:
Until there is proof of what you say about Perry's philandering, we will pass all that off as just a rant by a disatisfied Texan. And thats okay, but provide something besides "anonymous credible source" as backup.
1. Toll Roads are paid for by people who actually use those roads. Texas, like all other states, needs new infrastructure. Rather than raise taxes for this, toll roads are actually a good way to get this done. Texas will get a huge cash rental payment up front, the operator of the toll road will build the road, maintain the road and collect tolls for 50(?) years. At the end of that 50 year lease, the road reverts back to Texas citizens to own and use without another toll. And, every year, the operator of these toll roads will pay rent to the State of Texas. That covers some of the toll roads,
and this link will answer questions on public funded toll roads.
Perry admitted he made a mistake on the HPV vaccine and allowed his order to be repealed.
TransTexas Corridor: This project was so unfavorable in Texas that Perry bowed to the will of the people and shut it down. Do you want a leader who doesn't listen to his constituents? And here is the new "imminent domain" bill he signed in May. The Farm Bureau and other groups had demanded Perry do something about eminent domain laws in the state following the controversy over the Trans-Texas Corridor.
Today, the hatchet was buried as executives from the Farm Bureau and other agriculture groups lined up behind the governor to endorse the bill and Perry’s leadership on the issue.
Here is the new immigration bill passed at Perry's request
A governor can not actually make laws without his legislature, and most of those were unwilling to go further with this law. see this:
I will address your other topics later as I really do have to go to work.

1:27 PM, June 16, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The vaccine mandate alone sinks him as far as I'm concerned. What a fascist! He cuts a deal with Big Pharma, and Texas girls get force-injected experimental vaccines whether they like it or not. Sounds like something out of Red China, but it's not; it's just Governor Good Hair!

6:06 PM, June 16, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He backed Guiliani in 08. That tells me all I need to know.

6:32 PM, June 16, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

6:32 PM, June 16, 2011  
Anonymous Rick said...

Rick Perry is a big spender but would fare as good as Romney against Obama. Obamacare is a national health care plan that Obama says he took from Romneycare. This is a huge problem for Romney. The Mormon issue is going to hurt Romney more than help thus making him a weaker candidate than Perry. As much as I like Paul he doesn't have a prayer. Michelle Bachman is going to take a lot of votes from the Tea Party group but will go nowhere in the end. Right now I see nobody in the current field that can beat Obama, unless Rick Perry jumps in, but not sure he can get it done.

11:15 AM, June 17, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That does not add up. Romney can always say health care should be left to the states and he would also repeal Obamacare and where are the anti-obamacare people gonna go?

Perry does match up worse against Obama, if you are a swing voter outside the South. Good luck getting any boneheads to admit that though.

11:46 AM, June 17, 2011  
Anonymous Rick said...

I think it does add up. Its government run health care whether state or federal. The fact that Obama said he patterned his health care plan from Romney's will come back to bite Romney. At the very least it will take the health care issue off the table for Romney, and that's huge if you look at the polling that shows most Americans don't approve of Obamacare.

5:02 PM, June 17, 2011  
Blogger Linton said...

In a perfect world where primaries wouldn't be decided by pandering to a party's dimmest lights Gary Johnson would probably be a great candidate to match against Obama.

I also think Huntsman is enough of a blank slate at this point for many Americans that a bang up first impression could boost him. After all, the mainstream media has already slobbered all over him. Sure he's also Mormon, but he doesn't come across like a used car salesman. And let's face it speaking Mandarin is pretty wicked.

7:44 PM, June 18, 2011  
Blogger 1389 said...

Huckabee, Pawlenty, and Romney are all RINOs.

4:16 PM, July 18, 2011  
Blogger 1389 said...

Are you sure that the law regarding prostitution had to do with making prostitution itself a felony, or with making PIMPING and HUMAN TRAFFICKING a felony?

There is a very big difference between those two things.

4:20 PM, July 18, 2011  

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