Wednesday, July 13, 2011

State GOP Begins "Listening Tour"

.....and here is who they are listening to, according to Roby Brock's "Talk Business"...

Last week, the caucus began a "listening tour," starting with a business roundtable and fundraiser in northwest Arkansas that brought bankers, businessmen and big-wigs from the corporate giants in the region to the table. Cong. Steve Womack (R) and Lt. Gov. Mark Darr (R) were co-hosts for the event along with corporate sponsors, such as J.B. Hunt, Tyson Foods, Cox Communications, SWEPCO and several lobbyists.

The state GOP is all the guys with the big checkbooks. Us common trash, not so much.

For example, Tyson big-wig Archie Schaffer is reported to be one of the biggest proponents for "the barrio", a re-districting plan that would gerrymander through several cities to produce a Hispanic Majority state representative district. Not even all the Latinos like that plan and for sure the Tea Party types don't. I think the Hispanic community has the most right to be upset about it, and not just the one in Rogers that does not want to wind up just a sub-set of the community in Springdale. Maybe Tyson will sponsor someone for that race too. Then the poor Hispanic community will not only have to take orders from Tyson Foods at work, but when they go home, "their" representative will be taking orders from Tyson Foods as well.

Aside from a few big-wigs and a slice of the Springdale Hispanic community, nobody on the ground wants it, yet "Representative" Charlie Collins, with support from GOP Chair Doyle Webb, has been adamant in support of the idea.

This of course, is just the most current example on my mind.

We the People have lost our government because we don't control the two political clubs through which access to the ballot is gained.

The Democratic party is loathsome. It is powered by a few meglomanical billionaires who have dreams of controlling the world. It's "intelligensia" is a stunted PC group of college ivory-tower types who repeat to each other the same failed ideas with no true thinking outside the box tolerated. Throw in a few demented Hollywood types that come from dysfunctional families, and are separated from the reality the rest of us live in by fame and fortune all out of proportion to their real contributions to society, and you have the top of the party.

The base of the party consists of disparate groups of parasites with their hands out, lusting to use the power of the state to rob and pillage their neighbors who have earned more because they have served others better. The parasite cannot continue to grow faster than the host without killing both organisms. This can't continue, and when the host is no longer able to sustain these groups, I predict they will turn on each other with utter ruthlessness, since it is only a common desire to use the state to loot those more virtuous than themselves that binds them together.

That is your post-modern Democratic party. Unfortunately, the other choice has schizophrenia. It has a secular part that is in it to find a way to use government to tilt the playing field in favor of their particular industry. In other words, they are only one step removed from the more direct parasitism of the left. It is not about encouraging people to buy their products of their own free will at free market prices, its about mandating their purchase through government fiat. Drug companies are among the worst here, but not the only example of the type. Unlike the Christian-affected upper-crust of olden days, these folks tend toward an ugly social Darwinism.

The other part of the base tend to be good Christian folks who are not very into this. They would rather raise their kids, and hope they can just vote for whoever FOX News tells them to and this will all just go away. Despite their personal piety, they usually have no idea what the Scripture actually teaches about government. They are in the party, but have little to no influence in its actual policies. They are treated as rubes that the other factions manipulate to gain power. Much of the Tea Party has come out of this slice, and they are the wild card.

The leadership of the party is controlled by the same financial interests that control the other one, though the ID of the billionaires may vary.


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

It turns out this kind of "listening tour" is in violation of federal campaign finance law....

7:49 AM, July 16, 2011  
Anonymous Alex White said...

I think the Libertarian Party is the best remedy for the GOP in Arkansas. Tea Partiers have their opportunity to show the Arkansas GOP what they think about them. They are at least as corrupt as the Democrats. We might get a few more Democrats in the process but the Tea Party should REALLY get behind LP candidates both financially and knocking on doors. AND they should vote for ANYONE but David Sanders and Nate Bell.

10:23 AM, July 28, 2011  

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