Monday, September 19, 2011

Ernie P Resigns as Lottery Director

No wonder Shane Broadway was willing to turn down the education job.  Just kidding.  I don't want to start any rumours here.   Arktimes and others report Ernie P. will leave his position Oct. 7th.

He took quite a few barbs during his tenure.   I suggest to you that the problem was not and is not Ernie P, it's that the government should never be its own regulator of a monopoly business.   Especially one that does not generate real wealth.   How can it end well?    Someone please make an elegant post about how great all that scholarship money has been for the state.   I feel like destroying something beautiful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ernie should have been a temporary consultant to just get it running. Instead he's been gaming Arkansas this whole time. After the initial wave of gambling died off, he said if you really want the big bucks you need to offer them this... Classic grifter & snake oil salesman. Huckleberry Finn will be added to required summertime reading list for all legislators.

4:10 AM, September 20, 2011  

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