Thursday, November 10, 2011

Smear Campaign on Hold

Ever wondered what happened to the rabid smear campaign against Sec. of State Mark Martin?   The first few months of his administration, you could almost see the spittle flying from leftist lips as they hurled one charge after another at Martin in rapid succession.    Once the redistricting process ended, the fevered media attacks ended as swiftly as they began.

One theory about why the attacks vanished is that people began to be aware of the lack of substance to the attacks.    That only explains part of it though.   Some of the people doing the attacking very likely knew at the time that their attacks were bogus.   A more through explanation is that the frenzy of accusation-hurling served its intended purpose- to pin down and paralyze Martin's office so Beebe and McDaniel could ram through a redistricting plan in secret without a credible person to start a public battle over it.

For that to happen, they needed to make the public question the other person on the redistricting board- Martin. They needed for Martin to be so under a media siege that his office could have no strategic leverage to call the public's attention to Beebe's secretive farce of a redistricting process.

Now that they have rammed through their plan, they have temporarily quit throwing tons of mud.   It stuck long enough.   While Martin was the only one of the three who presented the public with maps in time for true public feedback, he was not in a position to call them on their backroom skulduggery each and every week of the process.

When not bound by a sense of honesty, integrity, or scruples, it is possible to implement some pretty effective tactics.  Next time, hopefully more people will remember and see these things for what they really are.

Not that they deserve the time of day, but if anyone cares to revisit some of the bogus attacks, here is an audio about it...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason Martin has gotten better press is because Alice Stewart is gone. She is now busy creating bad press for Bachmann instead. Check it - when she left things got Barthes immediately.

6:21 PM, November 22, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meant to say "better immediately"

6:23 PM, November 22, 2011  

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