Sunday, December 04, 2011

Military Industrial Complex Looks to Grow Domestic Market

Two time medal of honor winner General Smedley Butler wrote "War is a Racket"  You can support the troops by reading some of it.

The Military Industrial Complex has made a lot of money in the war in Iraq.  It has cost about eight million dollars per Iraqi killed (many of whom were non-combatants).  If the goal of the war was to kill terrorists, it has been a costly failure.  But maybe that was not the real purpose of the war. From the MI Complex's view, the point of the war is not to kill people, its to make the Military Industrial Complex money.   The point is to transfer wealth from the taxpayers into the pockets of the MI Complex.

By that standard the Iraq "war" is an overwhelming success.  Killing a few hundred thousand Iraqis and a few thousand Americans was simply an unfortunate by-product of all the motions they had to go through to get one trillion dollars from your pockets to theirs.   That's why I and others call it a "zombie war".  So what if the lifetime earnings of 50 Americans was consumed for each "enemy" casualty inflicted?  Low numbers of enemy killed per dollar spent was not a problem, because the killings were the excuse, not the point.

All this time we never really got a clear idea of what the goal of the war in Iraq was.  It now looks like the goal of the war was to make the MI Complex money.   Gee.  Why didn't they just say so?

But looking forward, the MI Complex is bumping up against an export growth problem.  We are already everywhere.  The United States has sent so many armed forces to so many parts of the world that the MI Complex does not have good long term growth prospects.   I mean sure, they are trying to engineer a war with Syria and Iran, but that is very near term.  What is their business plan for how they are going to continue to grow their sales five and ten years down the road?  When you are that big, you have to take the long view.

I believe they have hit on a solution that they are in the initial stages of right now: grow the domestic market of the MI Complex by transforming the United States into a militarized police state.  They have invaded the world, now they will invade us.   All that spending here can be used to make us "safer", and poorer, by transferring additional trillions of dollars from our pockets to theirs.   It has the added advantage of having body guards in place for the ruling class, who by now realize that they have crashed the economy.

The MI Complexes' new job won't be to fight them over there so we won't have to fight them over here.    Instead, they will be over here, in our streets,  protecting the master criminals in the ruling class from the peasants rioting once they realize how badly they and their children have been looted.   No longer will we have a chicken in every pot, our chickens and perhaps even our pots, will have to be sold to pay for the check points at every corner.  But it is a sacrifice we will have to make, or face arrest.

This explains why the senate was so anxious to pass a defense authorization bill which contains provisions that will make the 4th amendment null and void.  They are laying the legal (but not constitutional) groundwork to do for the "Homeland" what they have done abroad.   If they are very efficient in the process of transforming American into a permanent militarized police state they can have their perfect "zombie war."   They will make trillions of dollars outfitting troops to run this way and that, search here and there, break down a few million doors, stash "traitors" in "detention camps".  All that activity and maybe very few will get killed.  Like I said, the perfect zombie war.   I think you are gonna love it, or face arrest.


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