Friday, March 16, 2012

The Connection Between Party Loyalty and Losing Touch with Voters

The frustration that so many voters feel towards their elected officials comes from their continuing to hold onto a mistaken belief-  despite all logical and observational evidence that this belief is not true.   That belief is that their Congressmen, Senators, and other high elected officials, represent them.

Of course, they are told this is true, and these individuals make claims to represent them, but if you look at the system which produces them there is no reason to trust these irrational claims.    These politicians mostly owe their election to the label that they carry.   It is to those forces which control these labels that the successful politician will by loyal, not the voters who virtually automatically elect persons who wear the label.   Those two lables, political parties, are headquartered in the Beltway and are largely funded by corporations with global interests.
Americans have outsourced the job of defending our liberty to two political entities headquartered in Washington D.C. and funded largely by corporations whose interests are global. Why is anyone surprised when that system produces politicians who represent their interests instead of ours? Indeed, in the long run no other outcome is possible.   
Politicians work for who empowers them, and as long as the masses entrust one or both of those labels to protect their interests then the politicians will work for the entities which control those labels.  "The people" don't control those labels.  County committees don't even control them.  Influence rather tends to go the other way from the central HQ to the counties.   No, the party apparatus serves the moneyed interests which fund them and their operations.

Once you let go of the irrational belief that a politician who is trying to work his way up a system headquartered in Washington D.C. and funded by global money is there to "represent you" then you can  be liberated from your frustration and also begin, possibly for the first time in your life, to engage in political activism that might actually be effective.  

Usually persons trying to gain personal benefit from this system will repeat the lie that they represent you, but I noticed the other day a quote that comes about as close as one can come to admitting the truth.  It was from this article on The Daily trying to run down former Penn. Senator Rick Santorum.   Here is the first part....
Former Rep. Phil English, a Santorum friend who’s backing Romney, gave voice to many in the party establishment who remember Santorum fondly but think his time has passed. 
Some friend eh?  Perhaps his next act of "friendship" will be to shoot the Santorum's family dog.  No wonder its said that "in politics, you can't take friendship personally." But the next part really brought it home for me....
“I think Rick Santorum is credited with being a hard-working senator who was loyal to the party,” English said. “Having said that, I think his catastrophic loss in 2006 with unified party support and an enormous amount of money demonstrated to most Republicans that he had lost touch with the voters of Pennsylvania and had really lost his appeal.” 
Could it be said any plainer that loyalty to the party means losing touch with the voters?   Is it not clear that those two groups have different interests and that office holders must choose which they will serve?  Santorum choose to serve the party, and in so doing lost touch with the voters.  

You might say that this proves that politicians must serve the voters and not just the party.   I would answer that one must always appear to serve the voters and actually serve the party and that this is what we have right now.   Santorum was just a little too obvious with what he was doing- subtlety is not his strong suite. The voters caught on, and so he was replaced with someone more discreet while being financially rewarded for his willingness to, as he put it,  "take one for the team" (i.e. vote against the interests of your constituents in order to further the goals of your party).  

Note that this issue, "no child left behind" was pushed by both parties, because on all issues they are both ultimately globalist.   The funding for both of them is global, therefore it makes perfect sense that they are in agreement in imposing global solutions for all areas of government whether it is trade, immigration, education, foreign policy, money and banking, or just about anything else.   They do squabble a bit about whose friends get the most loot first.

Let the truth of these words sink into your brain.  Become a mentally liberated citizen who understands what the true problem with our political system is (2nd to a lack of virtue in the population for which there is no system fix).  Once you correctly understand the problem, it not only relieves you of frustration but allows you a chance to find correct solutions.


Anonymous c.b. said...

I get so frustratd with the lemmings that are supporting Santorum because he is a "true conservative"...... but then I'm supporting Newt and I can only imagine what you think of me!! :-)

9:14 PM, March 17, 2012  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

I think a lot more of you than I do Gingrich. This is a flawed system that leaves decent people without good choices.

8:59 PM, March 18, 2012  

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