Monday, April 09, 2012

The Non-Evolution of Ancient Redwoods

Yes I know this is not related to anything Arkansas specific, but I did teach science for many years and macroevolution is the biggest scientific hoax of modern times.   This article, without meaning to, provides another data point to support that claim.  Basically, they found a way to extract DNA from 50 million year old remains of Redwood trees.    What they found was essentially no evolution occurred within that time.   In the same period of time that they claim some shrew-like creature evolved into Albert Einstein.    Why such stasis among these redwoods while mammals allegedly underwent waves of rapid genetic and morphological change?

This example is far from unique.   It has been observed in insects or just about any other life form we can get ancient DNA from.    The old ones have DNA that looks a whole lot like the current ones.   So where is the evolution?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If no evolution appears to have occurred over time (I think many reptiles and amphibians are considered not to have evolved in some time as well) then there was simply no need for the subject to evolve.

12:47 PM, April 15, 2012  

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