Tuesday, May 08, 2012

How do you give a Monkey Autism? Administer them the Vaccines we give to our Children!

The kind of tests that should have been done a long time ago have finally been done on lab monkeys.   The result is that young monkeys given a vaccine schedule from the 1990's tend to develop autistic symptoms while a control group did not.   Here is a link to an article reporting on the particulars of the research.  This result contains some variables not present today.   Thimerosal has been largely removed from vaccines today, so if that was the factor which contributed to the increase in autism associated with the vaccines then it could mean that today's vaccines are safer.    Regular readers of this space will know that my view is that it was NOT the  Thimerosal which contributed to the autism, but rather the presence of rouge human proteins from live virus vaccines cultured in aborted fetal tissue.   The MMR and Chicken Pox and some whooping cough vaccines fit into this category.


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