Monday, August 20, 2012

Can America Survive 4 More Years of Obama, or 8 of Romney?

It is only human to want to believe that there is a way out of disaster.   At some point though, dedicating your efforts to escaping a disaster which is inevitable actually increases the magnitude of that disaster.  Our hope works against us.     Once it's clear that momentum is going to carry the Titanic into the ice berg, fighting over whether the red team or the blue team mans the wheel is only going to get you killed.   At that point, it is a far better use of your time to make sure that the lifeboats are well equipped and in good order.  This is especially so when red team and blue team are funded by the same entities and have taken turns steering us into the same fiscal iceberg.

I don't say quit fighting, that's not in me.  I say fight rationally.   At this point we need to focus on getting our state and local governments in order and quit tying up so much emotional energy into national politics. Those are the life boats in this analogy.   It does not matter which team is running Washington, they are in the process of crashing our ship of state.  Here are the numbers from Wikki's page on federal spending...

Romney only proposes $300 million in specific "cuts" vice Obama.   That's if he gets everything he wants.    Even if those were real cuts, and they are not but merely reductions in Obama's planned increases, will a reduction in the annual spending from $3.8 trillion to $3.5 trillion in spending make much difference?  Bush II was the last Red Team President and he took spending from $1.9 trillion to $3.1 trillion in eight years.   Although his publicist has done a terrific job of revising his image with warm shots using disabled veterans as props, at the time most conservatives were aghast at the amount of money that Bush II spent.   Romney, even if he gets everything he says he wants, will not even get us back to where Bush ended.

Conservatives tend to be passionate people, but our emotions do not change the math.  My first choice would be for all conservatives to pick their battles rationally.  Failing that, I would ask they at least quit the sniping at those of us who are.


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

I don't say quit fighting, that's not in me. I say fight rationally.

8:35 AM, August 20, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I rather have Obama then Romney because Romney might put the women back into the kitchen and at home rather then be out in the working world. If you look at what Bush did to our country and what Obama did. In 4 years, Obama did what Bush could not do in 8 years

7:17 PM, August 20, 2012  
Blogger Michelle said...

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7:17 PM, August 20, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous guy who posted his comment on August 20th 2012: Whoever you may be, you are clearly detached from the real world. USA is a free country. No President can "force" women to be put in the kitchen. With financial freedom comes political freedom. That is what many people don't understand. It is impossible to have political freedom without economic/financial freedom - that is a free market and capitalism. Since America is a free country, women themselves will decide where they should go to - unless of course you believe Romney possesses mystical mind controlling capabilities.

On one hand you said: "I rather have Obama than Romney...". Then you, paradoxically said: "In 4 years, Obama did what Bush could not do in 8 years". While you laud Obama in the first comment, you actually heavily criticize him in the second. In fact you believe Obama is even worse than Bush. And your answer is to vote for something that is even worse. Does 48% of the American people really hate their country so much? You Democrats claim you are patriots but I somehow doubt it. USA has a record high national debt, USA owes China trillions of dollars. USA loans trillions of dollars to finance a present American lifestyle which quite frankly is lethal as far as the financial survival of America is concerned. You can't spend more money than you have. Plain and simple. The federal budget deficit is record low, the US navy complains about a shortage of vessels, US Embassies have been attacked in Libya and Egypt, the US Ambassador was killed in Libya - and Obama does nothing. Obama has betrayed Israel and thrown Israel under the bus. Israel is our closest ally - probably in the world. You would be surprised at how much Israel aids America militarily, scientifically and technologically. Much of our intelligence comes from Israel. Obama has abandoned allies and apoligized to America's enemies. Obama has done nothing to thwart the Iranian nuclear threat and Obama allowed Islamists to take power in the Arab states. China and Russia are rising and getting more aggressive by the day. The moral and morale is record low in the USA and yet 48% of the Americans are infatuated by Obama. Obama is by far the worst president for the last half century. Obama is even worse than Jimmy Carter.

6:00 PM, November 04, 2012  

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