Sunday, November 04, 2012

Camacho Has A Better Plan Than Bernake

This is a speech by "President Dwayne Elizondo Herbert Mountain Dew Camacho."   This character appears in the cult-classic movie "Idiocracy." The film envisions a future in which the average IQ of the human race descends to absurd levels.   This speech does not appear in the movie, rather it was made recently by the actor who plays Camacho (Terry Crews) as a spoof of today's electoral process.   The idea behind the skit is that the President from the future travels back in time to give us a little fatherly advice on public policy.     The video clip above, and the movie, contain obscene language, but nowhere near as obscene as the actual fiscal polices being executed by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake, with the approval of both Wall-Street financed parties.

Basically, Camacho says we don't need jobs, we need money.  The only jobs he will "create" will be down at the mint, printing up every citizen a million dollars.     This is very similar to the Bernake/Obama/Romney plan for bailout QE to infinity.   There is only one important difference.  In Camacho's plan, everyone gets the "free money" evenly.   In the Ruling Elite's plan, the new money is given only to friends and associates of the Ruling Elite.   Camacho's plan, while flawed, is far more reasonable, moral, and liable to revive the economy on Main Street USA than the plan currently being executed by Herr Bernake.  Are you scared yet?

The results of Camacho's plan would be an instant explosion of inflation, but at least almost every American could use the money to become debt free- which is the biggest drag on the economy right now.    This would be a crude means of liquidating bad debt- which is essential in order for our economy to truly recover.   Since the ruling class holds trillions in bad debt, our political system prefers to bailout debt holders rather than letting the free market work-i.e. making them liquidate bad debt at a fair market price.

In Bernake's plan, all that money is stored by the elite few who have access to it, while the rest of the nation's economy crashes and burns due to lack of liquidity and excess debt.    That way, the fortunate few can buy up our assets a little at a time at fire sale prices as one person and business after another goes under.    The result of this plan will be that the big five banks and those connected to them will eventually own the entire country.   Neither plan is a good one, but given a choice between the two, I'd take Camacho's plan, which is merely foolish, over the plan currently being executed by the Ruling Elite, which is evil.


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

President Camacho has a better plan than Bernake and our current ruling class!

3:28 PM, November 04, 2012  

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