Friday, February 08, 2013

Brantley Plays His Only Card on Medicaid Expansion

The left is not playing with a full deck, all they seem to play are "race cards"

To disagree with Resident Obama is of course, racism.  To refuse to let politicians spend money on your children's credit card is also racism.  Just ask uberlib Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times.   He actually argued today that the reason Republicans in Arkansas are generally opposed to Medicaid expansion was because of racism.   For your entertainment, here are some quotes from the mind of Max...

"They are the ghosts of George Wallace. Massive resistance then. Massive resistance now." and 'Republicans fight universal health care for Arkansas citizens, particularly the poor who, incidentally, are disproportionately inclusive of minorities."

But even crazier than that comparison is his claim that...

"The core issue couldn't be simpler. The U.S. Congress has approved a dramatic expansion of health care coverage for Americans and provided the money to pay for it." 

That is crazy talk.    He is part of the ruling class which are aggressively refusing to face reality when it comes to Washington's ability to keep its promises.  Normalcy bias is ordinarily a mere predisposition, but at some point it becomes a mental disorder.   Washington D.C. has not "provided the money to pay for it."   Some of them have promised to provide the money to pay for it, but there seems to be no way for them to keep that promise.    These are the people who have failed to pass a budget for years, are crashing through one debt ceiling after another, ban credit rating agencies from telling the truth about our condition, and who rely on the Federal Reserve to buy 75% of our long term debt.

Those who fear that D.C. will have a fiscal crisis and break their promise to foot the bill are the ones in this mess who are facing up to the realistic risks.  The taxpayers of the state will be on the hook when that happens.   Like many mentally ill persons, Brantley is angrily lashing out at those who want to assess risks rationally, rather than pretending that the delusions that they hold are real.

PIMCO bond king Bill Gross warns investors to steer clear of U.S. long bonds due to a "Fed Supernova Expansion of Credit".   Gross would not answer the question about where this process ends, instead focusing  on what happens to players at the margin when the consequences begin to unfold.  I would like to write about where this process ends: national bankruptcy or hyperinflation, followed by bankruptcy.   What that means in this circumstance is that the socialist healthcare system will come apart just as most people are reliant on it, and just as our existing health care infrastructure for the poor, as limited as it may be, goes away.

Gross would not look all the way into the abyss of the Federal Government's fiscal condition, but it would be prudent for our legislators to do so before entering into what will be a outrageously expensive partnership with them on Medicaid expansion.   Just trying to play the race card, along with hysterical accusations about Republicans pushing granny off the cliff or things of that nature are totally unhelpful.   We need a serious discussion and a prudent decision.  And I think we need it sooner rather than latter.


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