Thursday, January 21, 2016

There is Simply No Way Ted Cruz is a "Natural Born Citizen"

We can either put our powers of reason to work trying to discover what is true, or we can put them to work rationalizing whatever we wish to believe whether it is true or not. There is simply no way Ted Cruz, who was also a citizen of Canada two years ago, is a "Natural Born Citizen" of the United States. Here is an article which refutes point by point, the claims of those who say that he is. Those determined to believe what they wish whether it is true or not will probably dismiss the facts cited in the article because "its from Salon so I don't have to listen to a leftist source." Never mind that I concur with the salient facts in the link and I am very traditional, some would say ultra-conservative.

I actually think Cruz is ineligible from the 14th amendment too, but the Harvard Law professor makes a devastating case from the facts surrounding the original Constitution.

I know many Arkansans are fans of Mark Levin, and Levin says that Cruz is a Natural Born Citizen, but I can't help but notice that the quality of Levin's argument's are lacking. He mostly throws up strawmen (such as confusing "citizen" or a "citizen at birth" with NBC) or casts childish insults and shouts down dissenters. That is volume over reason, and it works, but never for long.


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