Monday, July 18, 2016

Womack as Chair Dashes Hopes of Anti-Trump Movement at Convention

Arkansas Congressman Steve Womack was the Chairman of the Rules Committee today. As Chairman, he acted to end the hopes of those Republicans seeking an alternative to Donald Trump as their party's nominee. He did so by blocking a motion for a vote to have a roll-call vote on another motion to "un-bind" delegates. That is, many delegates are bound by party rules to vote for Trump on the first ballot even if they personally would prefer someone else.

UPDATE: New story with more details here.

Womack as Chairman declared that the voice vote was for keeping the delegates bound. A state delegation from the floor challenged that determination and asked for a roll-call vote. A majority of delegates from seven states are required to force a roll-call vote. Womack told the Colorado delegation that only six states supported it. The Colorado Chair said that ten state delegations had agreed to support it, and wanted to know who the states were so he could tell who did not keep their word. Womack refused to tell him and tried to go on with business. The state delegation for Colorado walked off in protest.

Arkansas Republicans seem to be the staunchest supporters of Donald Trump in the Union. The Governor is speaking at the convention, as is the Attorney General and Senator Tom Cotton. Ex-Governor Mike Huckabee will also be speaking. And now Congressman Womack uses his Chairmanship to deny a roll-call vote on what would have been the most controversial issue of the night. I am amazed how fast the top of the Arkansas Republican party went from cool towards Trump to carrying more water for him than anybody.


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