Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Democrats Take Clinton Name off of Fundraising Dinner

And now the virtue-signalling mob turns on former President Bill Clinton. Now that he can't help them anymore, they care that he was a sexual predator. The New Hampshire Democrats yielded to pressure to take his name off of their annual fundraising dinner.

This event is the equivalent of the Republican "Lincoln Day Dinners." The Democrats used to call them "Jefferson-Jackson" dinners but started moving away from that a few years ago when the virtue-signalers pointed out that Jefferson owned slaved and Jackson was, by the new standards of PC, borderline genocidal against Native Americans.

Honestly Lincoln had his problems too. He arrested the Maryland legislature! All of these human-gods have feet of clay. Maybe we should just honor them for what they did right while understanding that they are all just human beings and are going to have areas of sin in their life just like us. That doesn't apply to Bill Clinton. Unlike those other men, his primary accomplishment was self-enrichment while in government "service" and personally surviving in office.


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