Monday, December 26, 2022

Cotton, Boozman, Safely Re-elected, vote for Omnibus Bill with Many Gun Control Provisions

  Gun owners of America gave a few of the worst examples of anti-2nd Amendment provisions in the Omnibus Act......

🚩Massive 14.1% ATF budget increase to facilitate Biden’s Pistol ban 

🚩50% increase for the ATF part of the budget that maintains the illegal near-billion record gun registry 
🚩$700+ million in funding available to bribe states to pass “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Laws 
🚩 Money for anti-gun CDC research while the agency suppresses self-defense statistics 

Eighteen Republican Senators joined the Democrats to pass this measure. Two of them were Tom Cotton and John Boozman. Tom Cotton talks a good game, but when the chips are down supports the establishment. This was also recently shown by his support for Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader. McConnell was another one of the 18 Republican votes for the measure, along with the usual suspects like Romney and Susan Collins. 

Boozman doesn't even talk a good game, except sometimes during the six weeks before the election. He's mostly silent and inert as the Republic collapses around our ears. I'll let you form your own opinion as to which approach is the worst. ...The guy who doesn't even pretend he is representing us or the guy who does when he's really on the establishment team.