Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Democrat-Gazette Editorial Hit Piece on Holt

One of the best signs that a legislator is for us is when the editorial pages of the Democrat-Gazette are against them. Whenever an elected official dares to make a stand against the big-government establishment they pile on with a series of condescending remarks that drip elitist snobbery. That is supposed to intimidate us, and the legislators, into shutting up.

State Senator Jim Holt of Springdale has again drawn their ire - this time for proposing common-sense measures to deal with the invasion of illegal immigrants who are flooding our state. The people of Arizona have already passed a proposition similar to the bill Holt has introduced. You may remember Holt as the man who drew 44% of the vote for U.S. Senate last year despite 1) being outspent 70-1 by incumbent Democrat Blanch Lincoln and 2) being virtually abandoned by the cowardly GOP party establishment, and 3) being relentlessly attacked and libeled by the old print media for eight straight months. The only reason he continues to survive, and even prosper, is that he is doing what the people of this state have long wanted their elected officials to do- stand up for conservative ideals no matter what the press says about you. Most folks are catching on -when the Democrat-Gazette says ugly things about you then you are doing something right.

The editors of the mighty Dem-Gaz feign shock that our elected officials should even concern themselves that non-citizens are voting in our elections. Instead, the Demozette editorial writers suggest that they should devote themselves full time to raising our taxes in order to expand government!

They then go on about how Senator Holt is an "ineffective legislator". This about the man who was the only senate sponsor of the bill that demanded financial transparency for political parties. That bill passed, and the subsequent increased reporting requirements showed that the state Republican party was involved in a serious string of financial irregularities. I still don't think the FEC is through with them. If anyone else had sponsored that bill, they would have been a champion of the press. Because Holt did it, they pretend he has never accomplished a thing. He also rooted out corruption among the senate staff, but you never heard about that either.

To a conservative, a good legislator is not measured by how many programs or taxes you can vote for, but rather by what you vote against. Jim Holt has voted "NO" to expanding government. They take that as a sign that he does not "help get things done". That is right, he does not help tax increase get done. He does not help centralized big government get done. Because of that he is actually doing the most important thing any elected official can do- protect citizens from ever larger, more stifling, and more expensive government. If he has failed in any way it is a failure to get more legislators to vote with him against big government. But of course, any such legislator will take heat from the very same leftists in the Demozette editorial room that attack Holt.

First they define "progress" as advancing elitist goals. That allows them to accuse anyone who tries to stop them as being against progress. They are the ones preventing Jim Holt from being more effective at stopping big government because they slime anyone who tries to do it! Ladies, it would be like your husband tracking in dirt and trash to your home everyday and then using the mess to accuse you of being an ineffective housekeeper.

They even insinuate that Holt and Denny Altes ( a courageous co-sponsor) are not good Christians ( I would that they knew enough about the subject to have an informed opinion) because their bill would deny automatic tax money to pay for illegal aliens sneaking across the border and having babies in America. Though the courts have ruled for now that anyone born in the U.S. is a citizen, the Constitution actually grants citizenship only to those persons born in the U.S. that are subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. Illegal aliens don't meet that requirement, thus so-called anchor babies are not really citizens of our country.

Everyone knows that illegals are abusing our generosity and flooding border hospitals with hordes of expectant mothers. They expect the U.S. taxpayer to foot the bill for free medical care as a reward for invading our country. The Demozette editors act like it is preposterous to even suggest that we deny the invaders unlimited access to our pockets vis-a-vi "free" medical care. The thinking seems to be that if the government is not in charge of charity then it does not count. The truth is, if the government is forcing me to be "charitable" then it is not really charity. To get more real charity, we need to get rid of the phony, government-mandated kind.

I'd bet my next pay check that Jim Holt would be more inclined to stop and help a sick person legal or not, than would any member of the Demozette's editorial board. They are confused. To them charity is not something that one caring person does for another, it is just a check you write to the government. That way you can tell yourself and others that you are more caring than Jim Holt without having to actually be around all those nasty poor people. After all, there are programs and bureaucrats to care for them, right?

They accuse Holt and Altes of passing a law that does not allow for unforseen circumstances, but current law is what does that. By mandating that all illegals have unlimited access to health care (read your income) no matter what, they are producing an invasion. The Holt-Altes bill would still allow individuals to perform acts of chairity, real charity, for illegals. All it would stop is the mindless lack of discrimination that is destroying and overwhelming our health care system in some areas of the country.

Let's pray to God above us and in us that more legislators find the faith and courage to stand up to the bullies in the establishment press of this state.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The liberal media has been on Jim Holt like white on rice since he took office.

In the eyes of our liberal statewide media and the good ol' boy lobbyists that continue to roam the halls of our capitol, he is a radical! His ideas are extreme! He and the Duggars have enough children to create their own township! His wife and daughters wear long dresses!

I've known Jim Holt and his family for several years now. Yes, they are different... they aren't your every day Arkansans. But I'll tell you this... if all of Arkansas had 1% of the faith in God that the Holts do, we'd be seeing revival in the streets. Jim doesn't let the whispers from the lobbyists control his vote... he doesn't let what the press says control his vote... he does what every one of our legislators should do before every decision. He is on his knees making sure that his push of the yes or no button is going to glorify God. Now what is so wrong with that?

Now... to the immigration issue... to the editors of the Demazette... America is the land of the free and home of the brave, but it should not be the land of opportunity for someone who wants to use and abuse our system. If somebody wants to have the benefits that we enjoy, they should pay the taxes that we don't enjoy. Plain and simple... Jim Holt and Denny Altes are standing up for the American people and holding up a stopsign to those who want to abuse the system. What is so wrong with that? Making sure that foriegners are not taking advantage of us makes you an ineffective legislator? Come on... if you actually think that the system we have is working, allowing foriegners to take advantage of our tax dollars, you need to lay off the crackpipe....

If you're betting your next paycheck that Jim would stop to help the sick or someone in need, you'd come out a winner. I've seen him do it... Not long before the campaign season went into full swing, I was with him in Springdale... we had made a trip to Wal-Mart or the grocery store or somewhere because I had stopped through to see him at a later hour... there were some people that were having car trouble. He stopped and offered to help... not as Senator Jim Holt... not as the man who was running for the Republican nomination and would appreciate a vote... but as a man who wanted to do something Christ-like so that someone would have a better way. He even told them.. "If you need anything, my house is over there. We'd be happy to help.."

What is so wrong with a man who lives to do the right thing, and to use the influence God has given him to that our state government might do the same?


8:58 AM, January 26, 2005  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

That is right Russ. The Democrat-Gazette marvels that the people of Springdale keep voting for Jim Holt in spite of all the ugly things they have said about him. The reason is that enough of them actually KNOW HIM so that they don't have to count on the liberal press to form their opinions.

That is another good reason that power should be pushed down to the lowest level possible. How many of us know our Congressman or Senator? How hard would it be to visit with them? People in Springdale can find someone who knows their state legislator. They don't have to get their information about their legislator from the hoplessly liberal press- they can get it from their neighbor.

6:35 AM, January 27, 2005  
Blogger Jane Williams said...

Senate Bill 206, cited as the "Arkansas Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act" is needed legislation. Senator Holt and Senator Altes need special hugs for introducing it. Unlike other Arkansas "news" papers, the "American Family Voice" in Russellville will be praising the sponsors and this bill.

Another bill needs to be written and introduced making the English language the official language for all Arkansas Government and legal transactions within the state. The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico now requires all legal transactions to be written in Spanish. It is time for the United States to adopt English as our official language. Let it begin in Arkansas.

6:19 AM, January 28, 2005  

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