Sunday, January 30, 2005

Democrat-Gazette pours on the inneundos

State paper Compares Holt to David Duke

The reason I keep sending you these articles when they bash Senator Holt is because the battle is so important. If the media can pick off each individual that dares step forward and initiate conservative legislation, then they can keep anyone else from coming forward and doing the same. It is rare for a legislator to have the courage to step forward in the first place. The media knows they must stop them or others will follow. We that believe in the Christian principles in which Jim believes must engage in the battle with him. Because I know how important this battle is, I have made it a goal to pray for Jim Holt every day. I pray that you will do the same. If Jim can come through as a winner, then other legislators can see the battle can be won. That is why each of these conservative battles listed below is so important and why we must encourage the legislators and hold them up in prayer. At the national level we have talk radio programs, Fox news, etc. to defend our national leaders. In Arkansas we don't have that, and that leaves the liberal media wide open to crucify them unless we as the people do something.

I know that Jim Holt agonizes and hurts as he works through each step he takes. However, I talked to him today, and he said three weeks ago he was ready to call it quits but now feels refreshed, invigorated, and great. He says he feels the prayers. He said he is seeing some fruit in different areas and that some reporters have even expressed a desire to get to know him better.

Please e-mail the writers of this editorial. You can copy and paste their e-mails in the address box and send to all three at one time. I also encourage you to write letters to your local paper and also send to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and defend Jim and Christ. Remember if one hears something often enough they tend to believe it whether it is true or not. Letters to Arkansas Democrat Gazette need to be no more that 250 words. Most local papers allow 350. The address for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette letter is Voices, ArkansasDemocrat Gazette, P. O. Box 2221, Little Rock, Ar. 72201

To encourage Jim Holt and offer him your support, send e-mail to

A daytime storyDon’t try reading this at night
HE WAS well-built, blond, and nice looking. You know, he kept in shape. Oh, heck. Let’s face it: He was downright handsome. The women at his campaign events called him gorgeous. The menfolk just admired—and envied—him. He was a born-again Christian, and made a point of saying it early and often. Too often, it seemed. Like he was trying to explain away the obvious contrast between Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself and the dark forces he was stirring: Hey, I’m not a hater. I’m a Christian. I’m a good man. I’m just telling you the truth, and how can I help it if the papers don’t understand? They’re too liberal, anyway. You know I’ll always tell you the truth. Even if it hurts or offends. I can take the heat. But I’ll still always tell you the God’s honest truth. You can trust me.

His just-finished bid for the U.S. Senate was closer than anybody’d expected. Heck, he was supposed to get trounced! Not only did he not, he had such a respectable showing that his political stock soared. He was eyeing the Governor’s Mansion. The media were against him, he’d tell you in a heartbeat, but the people—The People!—were for him.

Like him, the people had common sense. Like him, they knew that all this illegal immigration was hurting their state. They could see it happening all around them. They were out there working and sweating, but those eggheads in their Ivory Towers, what did they know? To him, Immigration was a kind of 11-letter four-letter word. And he knew how to fling it around. Like a bullwhip. From his legislative perch in the statehouse, he Told It Like It Was. Or, at least, like it would be if They took over. You know who They were. People with darker skin. Dirty, shifty-eyed people from another place, and another race. And They were lazy, and They were just here to eat up as much tax money as possible so the rest of Us were left without. And the newspapers apparently wanted it that way, ya know, because why else would they write all these editorials denouncing his efforts to solve the problem? Heck, every time this good ol’ Christian boy opened his mouth, one of Them Lyin’ Newspapers would chime in, using that snotty way of theirs to belittle his legislation, or twist the truth, or make it out to be something different from the fine, upstanding thing it was.

He was in the same party as the Governor, but the Governor shied away from him, too. Our handsome young man was just so. . . controversial. The governor—a controversial Republican himself—didn’t like to get too close. But, hey, the governor wouldn’t be governor forever, right? (In fact, it would be the governor’s last term.) The people, you see—The People!—would always be there for our handsome, Christian man. After all, wasn’t he just trying to give the people what they really wanted? That is, the people didn’t want the state to keep feeding Them, day after day, and giving Them shelter, night after night. The people could see how the whole state was being taken over, and they weren’t going to put up with it, not any more. And here was this shining white knight who was going to lead them. . . . —————The year was 1990. The man’s name was David Duke. And Louisiana still hasn’t got over all the damage he did.

This story was published Saturday, January 29, 2005

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Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

A new low from the Democrat Gazette, who want to paint Jim Holt as David Duke, even though they don't have the guts to come right out and say it. They are shrill and hysterical. It gets worse every day. What will they accuse him of next week, blotting out the sun?

11:09 PM, January 30, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Paul Greenberg, anyone can play....

He was tall and gaunt, with a rather large nose. That did not stop him from reaching the pinnacle of print media success in his State. Neither did the fact that his religious faith was different from that of the mostly Christian nation that he lived in. Still, he believed in his chosen Creed as much as they did theirs- you know them, those unenlightened people around him. He constantly had to use his media power to keep them in line- with personal attacks when necessary.

He was keenly aware of the frightening power of the politics of division, of the politics of demonizing groups. Maybe it was because his ancestors were born on German soil.

He knew he would never be popular like the politicians he made or broke, but he knew they needed him. He knew that the pen was mightier than the sword. Given the power to run the biggest media machine around, he would destroy the people in office who he thought needed destroying. If the facts would not do it, he would use innuendo. If that did not do it he would use distortions. If that did not work, well then even lies were justified because the thought of letting his chosen enemies win was just too terrible. Instead, he would work to bring to power someone who shared his vision of the future.

The time is 1937 and the man is Joseph Gobbels

See Paul, everyone can play!

7:53 AM, January 31, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bill Holt is sponsoring is like Prop 200 in Arizona. That was passed by 56% of the voters. Are they all David Dukes? 47% of the Hispanics in Arizona voted for it. Do they hate their own race?

All the bill did was restrict some welfare from going to illegal invaders and put safeguards in place to keep them from voting themselves even more benefits at our expense.

8:05 AM, January 31, 2005  
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