Saturday, January 29, 2005

Of Race-baiting, Demagoguery, and Jesus-juice

by Mark West

Quite a stir is mangling the thick air of Little Rock. City officials of all levels have voiced dismay at a piece of legislation recently brought before the Arkansas Senate by Senators Jim Holt of Springdale and Denny Altes of Fort Smith who are both Republicans. Senate Bill 206, also known as The Arkansas Citizen And Taxpayer Protection Act, is designed to create real enforcement of laws that are already on the books. SB206 would enforce identification standards for voting and receiving certain, yet unspecified, public services.

The problem is that some see the bill as unfairly targeting Hispanics. The mayor of Little Rock and a leader from a national Hispanic organization together spoke out against the law questioning its fairness. While their complaints were anticipated, the comments by an alleged ally were denigrating and spiteful.

Governor Mike Huckabee-R recently announced an agenda that seeks to protect and reward illegal aliens who…broke the law when they illegally crossed the United States’ border with Mexico. These will get pregnant, intentionally, in order that their unborn child can secure them citizenship by its own citizenship without the due naturalization process. I’m not certain which is sadder, that an illegal immigrant’s unborn child has better legal status and more rights than the unborn child of a legal citizen or that the reverend is an advocate of rewarding those who break the law strictly for his own national political gain. What do you think?

The Reverend Gov decided to put Senators Holt and Altes in his sights and went on the hunt. The Right Reverend accused them of legislation that was little more than “inflammatory race-baiting and demagoguery.” If anyone doubted the Rev Gov’s national political aspiration, these comments quelled their doubts. Why is it that liberals in conservative clothing always play the race card when called on their blatant disregard for the rule of law? Rev Gov’s agenda needed a reprimand for its disregard to the law of the state of Arkansas. Rather than honestly face the reprimand, the Rev Gov went on the offensive. However, we haven’t gotten to the worst part of his comments.

The Right Reverend also accused Senators Holt and Altes of “bearing false witness,” for the non-Christian reader, that means “lying,” and went on to say that he didn’t drink the same “Jesus-juice” that the Senators do. In one statement he accuses his opponents of demagoguery and then follows the accusation with religio-demagoguery of his own. He definitely has a knack for national politics. Basically, Rev Gov is putting opponents of his agenda into the category of being un-Christian liars.

But what’s up with the Jesus-juice? Isn’t the Rev Gov aware that Jesus-juice is tied to the allegations of improper conduct toward children that pop-star Michael Jackson now faces? Couldn’t the talented Rev Gov come up with a better analogy than that? I hope he does decide to run for President because I want to see that phrase attached to the headlines about his failure of a candidacy.

I’m amazed that the Rev Gov doesn’t lead by example and drop the harsh rhetoric. Isn’t there something in the Bible about loving thy neighbor as thyself? Should the Rev Gov be insulting his neighbors for political gain? I guess if you drink his Kool-Aid, oops, I mean Jesus-juice, you might not have a problem with an elected “Christian” leader who will pronounce unfair and unjust insults for the sake of furthering his own illegal political agenda.

I’m not touching that Kool-Aid, umm, Jesus-juice. But I will say that I am deeply regretting my vote in 2002. I believed myself to be voting for a true believer who was above such petty and mean-spirited treatment of his fellow believing brethren. Whosoever has no sin, cast the first stone!

Mark “The True Patriot” West


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

The Bible gives the Church the job of charity and mercy, but the state the job of enforcing Justice. The Governor does not seem to grasp that he has changed jobs. When he passes around the offering plate as Governor, we have no choice but to put in the money.

Christians in government office need to concern themsleves with justice rather than mercy. As individuals we should concern ourselves with mercy, but as government officials we do injustice to the innocent when we show mercy to the law breakers.

I wonder how the Governor would like it if hobos decided to drift in and out of his mansion at will.

8:52 PM, January 30, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On hobo's wandering in and out of the Govenor's Mansion at will...

He would probably have a press conference complete with food...then have them escorted outside once the gala was over. Well, why not? It would serve his purpose of the moment, which is self-serving politician.

6:36 AM, February 08, 2005  
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