Thursday, January 27, 2005

Spend Your Own Money!

by Mark West

Who should foot the bill? A question answered by millions of Americans daily. A variety of issues must be taken into account when answering this question. Cost, benefit and agreement should all be considered.

How is this question answered in Arkansas? I guess we will have to wait and see. State Representative Jeremy Hutchinson R-Little Rock introduced House Bill 1006 that would force the political parties to decide their candidates for President of the United States by the first Saturday in February. HB1006 is aimed at giving Arkansas more influence in the selection process for Presidential candidates. Arkansan and General Wesley Clark’s failed run for the Democratic nomination for President in 2004 is cited as evidence for the need to move to a Caucus or Primary election in February. The Arkansas native was out of the race before a single Arkansan cast a vote in a primary.

A lot of Arkansans see this as a terrific idea. What’s the hold up? It’s a simple question! Who should foot the bill? Prima facie HB1006 seems like a no-brainer. Any effort to invigorate the national political clout of Arkansas is worthy of applause. Yet, the Democrat Party of Arkansas’ chairman Ron Oliver has directed the state’s democrats to oppose this legislation. His reason…cost. Hide your surprise, but Mr. Oliver and democratic leaders believe that parties themselves shouldn’t foot the cost. Nope, he believes the people of the state of Arkansas should!

Many Arkansans, especially the politically independent, take issue with the politically dependent (pun intended) getting benefits at their expense. It would be like my wife and I going to our neighbor and asking them to foot our bill for dinner and a movie…oh and to watch our two children while we’re out. Maybe we should apply a little common sense as we decide who should foot the bill.

When it comes to deciding who will be paying the cost we must determine who will receive the most benefit from HB1006. Arkansas’ parties will definitely benefit most from this bill. They will have more influence in the decision of who their national party’s Presidential candidate will be. Even if it is requires a closed Caucus or Primary, I think the parties themselves should pay the bill. I realize that it is a maddening concept for many but reality bites.

It’s time for State Congress people to stand up to their respective party leaders. Spend your own money!

Mark "The True Patriot" West


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