Friday, February 25, 2005

Why Not Citizenship?

by Mark West

A picture can be worth a thousand words. I am not going to use that many words to describe the picture I saw. With fewer words, I hope to display why a certain picture portrayed an awful betrayal of American values. America is, by all accounts, the great emancipator and liberator of the beleaguered people’s of this world. What happened in Arkansas this week was an outright deception of that image.

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Blogger Mark West said...

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I opened my Arkansas Democrat Gazette this week and noticed the picture of a woman of color in tears of joy. Drawn by such an image I read the print below the picture and the accompanying article. Why was this woman in such an emotional state as this? She is a legislator who just got a piece of legislation passed through the Arkansas.

State Representative Joyce Elliott (D – Little Rock) saw her legislation, House Bill 1525 (HB1525) pass the House by a vote of 63-31. Her bill, if passed in the Senate and signed by the Governor, would allow illegal immigrants who achieving either a High School degree (with a minimum of attending for 3 school years) or receiving a General Education Development diploma (GED) eligibility for state-supported scholarships and for exemption from paying out-of-state tuition costs. All the bill would require the illegal immigrant to do is file an affidavit of intent to legalize their immigration status. They can intend to become citizens but do not really have to become citizens…them or their parents or spouses or children.

Expectedly this bill, hailed as civil rights progress on par with the desegregation movements of the past, falls short of the comparison in a major way. State Representative Elliott should have shed tears of agony over the continued denial of American citizenship for the illegal alien! Where would the plight of blacks in America be if not for their citizenship? Would Dr. Martin Luther King been please with an America that would give handouts to blacks rather then handing them full citizenship? I think not!

America offers one thing to the citizens of this world that is attractive to the despised, harassed and discontented…participation. Citizenship in America is the key that unlocks all the doors of participation in our nation. This desire is at the heart of those who immigrated to our shores. Such is the benefit of all benefits, especially in a nation that declares all equals in the eyes of our Creator.

HB1525 falls short, horribly short, regarding citizenship. Rather than promote the values and principles that have made our nation great it has refurbished the same old discriminatory ways in new clothing. Illegal immigrants are worthy enough to receive public funds for their future education, but are unworthy of citizenship. Citizenship should be the goal of legislation of this sort, not a potential side effect.

Why should taxpayers continue rewarding lawlessness instead of using their monies to promote lawfulness? Deep down inside our lawmakers do not want to hurt big business! Rather than bite the hand that feeds them our public servants are selling out the “least among us” to the profit of special interests. We must keep the economy going, so why not exploit these illegal immigrants who will do jobs that average citizens wouldn’t in order to keep the ball rolling? Governor Mike Huckabee recently said that these illegal immigrants are valuable because they will do jobs that most citizens refuse.

Our state House has done nothing more than set the cause of the Mexican-American community back. Besides their not really “people”…are they. Our House should make a real stand for civil rights and offer these individuals citizenship. If illegal immigrants refuse citizenship, deport them don’t reward them.

3:03 PM, February 25, 2005  
Anonymous Mindy Beers said...

Our state should follow the FEDERAl LAWS with regard to immigration. Illegal aliens are Federal Felons. Would we educate the next extremist to take a swing at us? They wouldn't have to prove citizenship, they don't even have to get a visa to be here. No track...sets up the free ride for the next wave of terrorists. FREE SCHOLARSHIPS for illegal aliens, just come across the Mexican Border.

The other problem with these legislators is that they don't seem to understand that "illegal alien" is a term for any foreign national in this country illegally.

They are crying about not having enough money to fix the schools that they were told by a FEDERAL COURT to fix but they do have enough money to give scholarships to illegal aliens.

Does anyone see the irony here? A FEDERAL COURT had to tell them to fix it to make it equal for their own citizens....but they are freely willing to give illegal citizens money for school.

6:55 PM, February 27, 2005  
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