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Congressman Says Both Parties the Problem (Borders)

By Debbie Pelley (click "comments" below for aticle)


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Representative Tom Tancredo, Chair of the 67 member House Immigration Reform Caucus, said he never dreamed he would be going to Washington to oppose the Republican President. "I agree with and support President Bush in most areas," he told over 200 conservative activists at a Little Rock Immigration Forum, March 24, "but he is wrong as rain on this issue of immigration." He received his loudest applause after this remark.

"For the first time, after seven years of working on this issue in Congress, Tancredo said early in his speech, "I can say that we are winning."

Tancredo outlined the major problems with the illegal aliens. He reported there are thousands of illegal aliens coming across our borders daily. He said there are 7 countries that get 10% of their Gross Domestic Product from money that comes back to them from the US illegal aliens. That is why some of these governments actually print booklets to help their citizens come to the US illegally.

He connected the illegal alien problem to 9/11 by saying that the people that hijacked our planes on 9/11 were here illegally. Some of them had been legal when they entered but had overstayed their time. He satirically mentioned the ludicrous Temporary Visitor Visa form used by the US that has four questions on it. The first questions says: "1. Are you a terrorist? The question is to be answered with a Yes or No and has an asterisk after it? At the bottom of the form it says, "Beware, answering Yes does not mean you will be denied."

"People are paying $50,000 to come in here," Tancredo said. "No one pays 50 grand to work at 7-11. There is another reason. There are cells in the US made up of these people. Ninety-five percent of outstanding murder warrant in Los Angeles County are for illegals. There are over 1,000 murder warrants out for people who are in Mexico."

Tancredo mentioned a new book that just came out 2 days ago on infiltration. He said Islamics have infiltrated our nation and that there are two hundred thousand Muslims in our federal prisons. Most of them became converts after they went to prison.

Tancredo said he had had an unpleasant encounter with the White House over a statement he made in which he said, " If we have another 9/11 and have done no more than we have to solve the problem, the blood of the people that die will be on Congress and the President of the United States."

Tancredo summed up the reason the illegal alien problem exists by saying the Republican party doesn't want to address it because illegal aliens are cheap labor and there are a lot of businessmen supporting the Republicans. The Democratic Party sees illegal aliens as source of voters. "For the most part, they will vote for them - either legally or illegally," Tancredo said. Tancredo continued by saying. "it is sad when the government of the United States, politics and money actually trump national security... I don't take an oath to my party: I take an oath to the Constitution of the United States."

Tancredo said in the early years in this battle, he would go to the floor where you are allowed one hour increments and talk about these issues that were broadcast on C-Span. People e would tell him they couldn't believe he was saying those things. He started the Immigration Caucus with 16 members, but there are now 67 members.

"Then 9/11 changed everything", Tancredo said. "It was now okay to talk about it, but you still couldn't do anything about it." He related how Fox would call him frequently to discuss the issues and then how the Arizona Proposition 200 passed in 2004 changed everything. Arizona Proposition 200 is a citizens' initiative to require proof of citizenship to vote, photo ID to vote, and proof of eligibility for non-federally mandated public benefits (welfare). Tancredo said backers of this initiative fought everyone: both parties opposed it, the media opposed it, they were outspent five to one by opponents, and still won with 57% of the vote, winning even 47% of the Hispanic vote.

"You cannot imagine the reverberations from Arizona Proposition 200 ," Tancredo said, "All of a sudden we had supporters from everywhere." In former two day retreats where the House discusses issues for the session, Tancredo said he was the only one to speak about immigration for the last several years. At the last retreat 30 representatives lined up at the microphone and told House leaders to send a message to the President to back off the amnesty program for illegal aliens because their constituents were killing them on this issue back home. The first major piece of legislation this past session was to make it illegal to give drivers license to illegal aliens. It has passed the House but not the Senate yet.

Tancredo said dealing with this issue is high stakes politics. He related some of the negative media attention he received during his last campaign, but how he still received 60% of the vote. He said the people are with us on this issue as evidenced by the fact that he raised his last one and half million campaign fund through 18 thousand contributors, receiving contributions as low as $3.00.

In the closing remarks of his speech, Tancredo addressed what he considers to be the most important problem facing the United States today. He related how he was invited to speak to 250 high school students in a very wealthy school district where these students had everything. After his speech, he asked the students how many of them thought they lived in the best country in the world. Despite the fact that if you open the gates over all the world, people would come to the United States, he said only a couple of dozen students raised their hands. He said the war and hatred against western culture in the form of ultra political correctness is killing our country. "If we don't love our country, for what will we fight?" said Tancredo.

In answer to a question about the solution to the illegal alien problem, Tancredo gave three points: 1. You must first secure your own border. It is possible. We can secure our border. It is not as difficult as some say it is. We choose not to. 2. Aggressively go after the employers who hire illegal aliens. Shut down the supply and demand. 3. Then use the guest work program but only for jobs that Americans won't do; they must return home after short period of time.

The Immigration Forum was sponsored by Eagle Forum of Arkansas.

Debbie Pelley
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I was there. He said there were three problems. One was the Democratic Party, the other was the Republican Party, and the third was President Bush. That narrows it down, eh?

6:09 AM, March 29, 2005  
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