Sunday, March 06, 2005

Did I Miss Something?

(Eli Harvey)
It is possible. I do miss things sometimes, but learning to read using phonics didn’t weaken my perception. I’m referring to what was published in Thursday’s Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

State Department of Higher Education Director Linda Beene was reported to have said that the state has “plenty of money” to fund whatever positive results might accrue from HB1525.
HB1525 is the Access to Postsecondary Education Act of 2005 bill that would have promised to educate illegal immigrant students at the in-state tuition level, provided they met the criteria of the bill. The bill passed the House, but is temporarily stalled in the Senate Committee on Education. (Click "comments" below to reply and/or read the rest)


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Ms. Beene estimated the cost of educating some 300 illegal immigrant students who will graduate this year to be $325,000. She went on to say that $13 million set aside for these scholarships went unused in fiscal 2004.

When was the last time you heard anyone in governmental bureaucracy say that there was plenty of money for anything, much less for scholarships?

That raises some important questions: Do we have any graduates who are eligible for scholarship money? Or were our graduate-scholars simply unaware that there scholarship money was available for post-secondary education? While the possibility exists, it is highly unlikely that all of the graduates poised to enter university are sufficiently funded without some subsistence.

Maybe our greater problem lies with our school systems themselves. I received the following email from the mother of an elementary student in what purports to be one of our better schools. I am printing verbatim what she said. Only the student’s name and the name of the school have been redacted.

I've about reached my limit with our public school. They've spent three to four weeks now in my son's class just "studying" (that means the teachers are having the kids memorize the answers) to take their standardized “Benchmark” tests so no child will be left behind. Well, that's for sure --no one will be any smarter than anyone else.

The good part is that some of those small schools in the country that don't have the money to hire people to help the kids memorize the answers to the tests will produce lower grades on their tests; so, in turn, our school --that always scores the highest around here-- will have the best results and will get more grant money from the government to pay extra people for next year's test to make sure that the kids do even better!

Isn't that great? Forget the fact that the kids aren't being taught anything new for a whole month or more of school. We've got good scores!

This mom’s got a point. If one of our better schools is laying more emphasis on good scores than
on teaching children, the state could ultimately be facing litigation from illegal immigrant
graduates for failure to receive what the school system purported to teach. Think that’s far-fetched? Not in today’s world!

What we need to teach all children in our schools is moral values: honesty, integrity, and
obedience of the law. Once they learn the values upon which this nation was established, they will
want to become citizens --legal citizens of this State and these United States. They will then pass
these values on to their children and the children they teach in our schools.

There’s more to life than money. And there’s more to education than scholarships. If government
would only learn this, we would produce better citizenship. Better citizenship means a reduction
in crime, better home lives, greater worker-productivity, and a better all-around attitude toward
life. What “good scores” can equal that?

9:25 AM, March 06, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am outraged that they are claiming we have extra money laying around unspent after raising our taxes every session for years. They are talking about raising our taxes again for school facilities at the same time this Beene person is claiming that we have millions in extra public money lying around unused.

I personally don't think this program should be available to legal citizens, much less illegals. Why should the guy who works as a carpenter get taxed so that someone else can attend college? Having a college degree benefits the adult person who obtained it, so let them pay for it.

There are too many left wing professors soaking us now. Throwing government money to lure the weakly motivated to give college a try (since someone else is paying for it) wastes their time and our money. It is just a make0work program for lefty profs.

9:33 AM, March 06, 2005  
Blogger Mr. Toast said...

Why should the guy who works as a carpenter get taxed so that someone else can attend college?It's called corporatism-- the government's attempt to control industry. Politicians make the most far-reaching holistic observations concerning how funding x,y and z will improve the economy for everybody. They subsequently will justify forcibly requiring you to fund all sorts of risky schemes.

Of course, the corporate sector loves it, because they risk less of their own capital as the taxpayers are shouldering part of the burden.

The corporatists vote to fund everything from "public" sports stadiums to reduced college tuition, to ad hoc infrastructure projects and even employee training for certain businesses.

With modern-day American government so involved in our economy, its often hard to tell where the line is between corporation and politburo.

3:29 PM, March 06, 2005  
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