Thursday, March 17, 2005

Greenberg Innuendoes Libelous Tripe

Mark Moore (To learn how I really feel click "comments" below).


Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

Paul Greenberg is using false insinuations to scare the average voter out of supporting Jim Holt. In doing so he is very close to being what he falsely accuses Jim Holt of being- a demagouge. Here is a sample of his latest bullying...

" But then there’s the strange case of Jim Holt. How well he does in his race for lieutenant governor may say less about him than about how far Arkansas has really come. And in which direction, up or down. ... The political parties may change, but the demagoguery stays eerily the same. "

My dictionary (def 2) says a demagouge is "a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power". Greenberg already has power, so I suppose that part does not apply, but the rest fits. Among elitist circles, Jim Holt's Christ-centered politics are anathema.

I am talking about the real Jesus Christ here, not the fake Barney-the-Purple-Dinosaur type Christ that the liberals would try to put on us. I mean the one in the Scriptures with all His gentleness and severity. I'm talking about the one who saved the adultress from a stoning, but also drove the money changers from the temple with a whip of cords.

He is the One who died for our sins, but did not rationalize or excuse them. The One who is perfectly just as King, and perfectly merciful as Priest. Jim Holt's politics fit that balance. Insisting on Justice in government does not mean one does not practice Mercy as an individual. They are both traits of God.

Yes, mercy can come from the government, but trying to make mercy a government program instead of a church/family/person to person encounter has brought us a bloated welfare state that is very unjust and unmerciful to those who work hard and play by the rules. Holt seems to want to put things back in there proper perspective. Government is not the answer to every human need, but it is God's instrument for justice.

Elitists in power can't stand Jim Holt or his politics because it reminds them that there are limits to their authority- and they don't want any. They are willing to make all kinds of false claims about him in order to scare the average voter away from voting for someone who will really fight against big-government and open borders programs. A lip-service conservative they can handle, but a real one they must malign.

Most of the people are God-fearing conservatives. When a statesman comes along and speaks for what they believe, the elitists can't attack the message- because the people agree with the message. All they can do is throw mud at the messenger and hope it sticks. So what can hired-pens like Greenberg slime Holt with? They can't get him on financial corruption, they can't get him for cheating on his wife, they can't even get him for his actual bills or votes. His record is super clean.

When they can't get a real conservative for anything else, they can always claim "he's a demagouge". They are saying that Holt is only mouthing those views to get power. I know the man. I can assure you that if Paul Greenberg asserts this, directly or indirectly, then Paul Greenberg is either just plain wrong or a liar. I don't know which because I can't see into his heart. Greenberg however, seems to think he can peer into Jim Holt's heart because he accuses him of demagougery. How does he know Holt's motivation is to get power itself rather than simply use power to set things right?

Holt agrees with the majority of Arkansans on abortion; size of government; guns; voluntary prayer and bible reading in school; Homosexual "Marriage" and adoption; Judicial Overreach, and Illegal Immigration. The elites in this state can't stand what the people want. They can't critisize him on the issues, so they critisize his motives- which they can somehow mystically ascertain.

I hope 1000 Jim Holts arise in Arkansas and run for office. If more of our elected officials stuck to their conservative priniciples like he did, then the press would have too many targets to heap abuse on. They could not get away with it. IF the liberal press in this state succeeds in demonizing Jim Holt then we can forget about any other conservatives stepping up and trying to fix things. If Jim Holt succeeds then maybe others in office who share our views but are reluctant to be on the point will step forward. Right now all they see is that even a man who leads an exemplary personal life like Holt gets savaged by big media barbarians.

The classic, archaic definition of a demagouge is "a leader championing the cause of the people in ancient times". Except for the ancient times part, I guess that is the only definition of demogouge that might fit Jim Holt. The modern press has turned the whole word into a slur, when they can't find anything negative of substance to say about a conservative. Greenberg is right about one thing, the elections will say more about us as a people than they do about Holt. Will we be timid and fearful to vote for a man who has led a life of virtue and who supports our values because of falsehoods that his enemies spread about him? Or will we be sure enough of ourselves to tell the elitst media to go spread their manure elsewhere? Will we continue to let a handful of powerful (but not necessarly virtueous) people tell us who we can or can't pick to serve us, or will we make that choice ourselves?

9:05 AM, March 17, 2005  
Blogger Mark Moore (Moderator) said...

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9:11 AM, March 17, 2005  
Blogger Mr. Toast said...

Wha? I thought we were supposed to believe that Holt is a racist. Now he's supposedly a demagogue? I'll take Jim Holt over Greenberg any day of the week.

Say Paul, stick to writing about H.L. Mencken or Robert E. Lee.

10:58 PM, March 17, 2005  
Anonymous m.j. said...

Excellent article! Finally, a thoughtful, articulate response to Mr. Greenberg's propaganda. Keep it up!

10:55 AM, March 20, 2005  
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